Set or clear tab stops

Indents and tab stops help you align your text on a slide. For numbered and bulleted lists, preset indents exist for five levels of bullets or numbers and body text. When you type paragraphs without using bullets or numbers, an initial indent and default tab stops help you indent your text. You can change and add indent and tab-stop positions.

Indents and tab stops appear on the horizontal ruler. When you click a new slide, and then either click the text area in a placeholder or click a text box, the default indents and tab stops appear.

Display tab and indent settings on the ruler

  1. On the View tab, in the Show group, select the Ruler check box. (To hide the ruler, clear the Ruler check box.)

  2. On the slide, click inside a text placeholder.

    The indent and tab stop positions appear on the horizontal ruler.

Change or clear tab stops

  1. If the ruler isn't displayed, on the View tab, in the Show group, select the Ruler check box.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Change default tab stops:

      1. On the slide, click the text whose indent you want to change.

      2. On the ruler, drag to a new position the tab stop (gray marker) that matches the text's position of indent.

        Displays the default tab stops.

        Button image Tab stops.

        The text indents to the new position.

        Note: The space between all default tab stops changes proportionately. For example, if you move a default tab to one-half inch, all default tabs will be one-half inch apart.

    • Set specific kinds of tab stops:

    • On the slide, click the text placeholder for which you want to set new tabs.

    • At the left of the horizontal ruler, click the tab button Tab image until you see the kind of tab that you want: left Tab image , right Tab image , center Center Tab button , or decimal Tab image .

    • Click the horizontal ruler, within the white space, at the point where you want to set the tab.

    • Clear a tab stop:

      • Drag the tab marker off the ruler. For example, drag it down underneath the ruler, and notice that it then disappears from the ruler.

Note: You can set as many tabs as you want; default tabs to the left of tabs that you set are canceled. To get the default tab stops back, drag the new tab markers off the ruler.

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