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When you send an email, you might want to look up and select an email address from a specific group of contacts, like a group of coworkers, relatives, or a club. To make this easier, you can create personal address books using the names in your Outlook contact folders.

To do this, create a folder under Contacts, and then make that folder an address book.

  1. Select the People tab at the bottom of your Outlook screen.

    [人員] 索引標籤位於 Outlook 畫面底部。
  2. On the Home tab, under My Contacts, right-click the Contacts folder, and then click New Folder.

    在 [我的連絡人] 下,於 [連絡人] 資料夾上按一下滑鼠右鍵。
  3. In the Create New Folder dialog box, name the folder, select where to place it, and then click OK. It’s probably best to place the new folder in the Contacts folder.

  4. To make sure your folder is available as an address book, right-click the new folder, and then click Properties.

    在新的資料夾上按一下滑鼠右鍵,然後按一下 [內容]。
  5. Click the Outlook Address Book tab, and make sure that the check box for Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book is selected.

    確定已選取 [將此資料夾顯示為電子郵件通訊錄] 核取方塊。
  6. Confirm that the new contacts folder was added as an address book. From your Inbox, click the Home tab > Address Book.

    [通訊錄] 位於 [常用] 索引標籤的右側。

    In the Address Book dialog box, verify that the address book you just created appears in the Address Book list.

    新的通訊錄會出現在 [通訊錄] 對話方塊的 [通訊錄] 下拉式清單中。

Add contacts to your address book

Now that you have your personal address book or custom contacts group created, you can add contacts to it.


Add and use contacts (video)

Add a contact

Create a contact group

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