Copy and paste using the Clipboard in Office for Mac

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The Clipboard is a holding place on your computer where you can temporarily store data (text, pictures, and so on). When you copy something, your selection is held on the Clipboard, where it remains until you copy something else or shut down your computer. This means that you can paste the same data multiple times and in different applications. The Clipboard holds only the last selection that you copied.

On the Mac, you cannot view or clear the Clipboard.

  1. 選取要複製的資料。

  2. On the Standard toolbar, click Copy  [複製] 按鈕 .

  3. 按一下要貼上資料的位置。

  4. On the Standard toolbar, click Paste  貼上選項 .

    The Paste Options button  貼上選項 that appears in your document is temporary. You can click it to change the formatting of the pasted item. To dismiss it, click anywhere else in the document, press ESC , or begin typing.


    • The keyboard shortcut for Copy is 命令 + C , and for Paste it's 命令 + V .

    • 若要儲存並重複使用文字和圖形 (即使關閉電腦),您可以使用剪貼簿。

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