Change the background color of a page in OneNote

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When you create a new page in OneNote it has a plain white background, but you can change that. Color-coding pages with specific background colors is a good way to organize your notebook. For example, you could use one color for notes about a home improvement project and another color for presentation notes.

  1. 单击“视图”>“页面颜色”。

  2. 选择所需颜色。

    OneNote 2016 中的“页面颜色”按钮的屏幕截图。

提示: 您也可以向页面添加线条或网格。单击“视图”>“基准线”,选择一种样式。

If you want fancier designs and layouts, you can apply a template to a page or create or customize a page template so you can use it again and again.


Notebook sections are divided by tabs. Changing the color of a page doesn’t change the tab color. To change the color of an entire section, right-click the tab at the top of the page and choose Section Color.

如何在 OneNote 2016 中更改分区颜色的屏幕截图。

注意: 更改分区颜色会更改页面顶部的选项卡以及右侧的页面选项卡的颜色。您的页面颜色不会更改。

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