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Read with Immersive Reader in mixed reality

Read and listen to texts with Immersive Reader while using your Windows Mixed Reality device.


Launch Immersive Reader in mixed reality

  1. Open the text you'd like to read and launch Immersive Reader by selecting View > Immersive Reader.

    Immersive Reader

    In Microsoft Teams, select the More options … icon on a message and then Immersive Reader from the dropdown.

  2. When the Immersive Reader experience opens, select the Reading Preferences icon. Look for the Read in Mixed Reality icon and select Start.

    Select the Read in Mixed Reality icon.

  3. You'll know you're ready to read in mixed reality when you see the Device connected confirmation screen.

  4.  Click through the optional Intro tutorial or simply select Launch.

    Tips: Here's how to navigate your controls while using Immersive Reader in mixed reality.

    • Use the thumbstick to scroll between lines.

    • Adjust the proximity of the viewing window with your touchpad.

    • Aim the controller towards a target and then use the trigger to play, pause, and scroll.

  5.  Press the Esc key to exit Immersive Reader.

Trouble getting connected? Make sure your web browser is supported and your Windows Mixed Reality headset is properly plugged in.

Use Immersive Reader

You can do one or more of the following in Immersive Reader, depending on how you want to focus on the content in your document.

Select Play at the bottom of the window to hear your document read aloud and to see the text highlighted simultaneously. The narrator starts reading from the top of your page by default, unless you have selected a word, in which case it will start reading from the selected word. Select Pause to stop narration.

Select Voice Options on the top right of the document to change the speed of narration.

Immersive reader voice speed and gender

Text options

You can change the appearance of your document by using Text options. The choices you make in text options can help bring more attention to the content and remove visual distraction.

Set Text Size, Spacing, Font, and Themes that suit your learning needs. You can increase or decrease text size and the amount of spacing between letters and words. The Theme color you select becomes the background color of the document.

Immersive reader menu

Parts of Speech

Select one or more of the following options:

  • Syllables to break words into syllables.

  • Nouns to highlight nouns in your document in purple.

  • Verbs to highlight verbs in your document in red.

  • Adjectives to highlight adjectives in your document in teal.

  • Adverbs to highlight adverbs in our document in yellow.

Immersive reader parts of speech

Reading preferences

Translate options are found under the Picture Dictionary section.

Line Focus enables readers to narrow the focus of their reading experience by highlighting sets of one, three, or five lines within their chosen material in Immersive Reader. Use the toggle to turn it on or off.

Line Focus interface

Translate gives you the option to change the language of the text.

Note: Picture Dictionary is not currently supported while reading in mixed reality.

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