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We've made major updates to the way Outlook for Windows connects to and updates shared calendars. These improvements are available for Outlook 365 customers to preview with the latest Monthly channel (Targeted) update, Version 1907. If you have this, turn on Shared Calendar preview and try it out.

Turn on Shared Calendar preview

  1. Select File > Account Settings > Account Settings.

  2. Select Change and then More settings.

  3. Select Turn on shared calendar improvements (preview) and then OK.

  4. When you see the message You must restart Outlook for these changes to take effect, select OK again.

As an organizer, edit shared calendar events

Edit an event for the entire series.

  1. Select the event.

  2. Select The entire series, and then OK.

  3. Select Edit Recurrence and make your changes.

    If you:

    • Extend or end a meeting series

      Meeting details in the past won't change and you won't get the message If you changed specific appointments in the series, your changes will be cancelled and those appointments will match the series again.

    • Change the list of attendees

      You won't need to choose whether to Send updates only to added or deleted attendees or Send updates to all attendees. Outlook figures it out for you.

  4. Select Send Update.

Save draft meetings and edit later

Need to save a draft and work on it later?

  1. Select Save and close your draft.

    Outlook no longer auto-saves to Drafts folder. The draft meeting appears on your shared calendar only.

  2. Select the draft on your shared calendar.

    Notice the message You haven't sent this meeting invitation yet at the top.

  3. Make your edits and select Send.

As a recipient, respond to a shared calendar event invitation

If you:

  • Choose not to send a response

    If you select Accept > Do Not Send a Response, others can still see your response in the Tracking tab.

  • Change your mind after declining an invitation

    If you select Decline and then change your mind, ask the organizer to resend the invite. Select Deleted Items, select New Email, and send the organizer an email.

  • Respond to an invite with attachments

    You can select Accept to accept an invitation, or select Respond > Forward to forward an invitation, but you can't add any new attachments.

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