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Insert a check mark

You can easily insert a check mark (also known as a "tick mark") in Word, Outlook, Excel, or PowerPoint when you're using the Windows operating system.

  1. In your file, place the cursor where you want to insert the symbol.

  2. Open the Symbol dialog box:

    • Word or Outlook: Insert > Symbols > More Symbols

    • Excel: Insert > Symbols

    • PowerPoint: Insert > Symbols > Symbol

    The Symbols button The Symbol button on the Insert tab. is on the far right end of the Insert toolbar tab.

  3. In the Font box, select Wingdings.

  4. In the Character code box at the bottom, enter: 252

    In the grid of symbols, the check mark Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 252 decimal. is selected. Another check-mark option Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 254 decimal. is available two squares away from it (character code 254).

  5. Select the check mark you want. Click Insert. Then click Close to dismiss the dialog box. 

  6. Once the check mark has been inserted, you may change its size or color. Select the check mark, right-click it, and make your desired changes by using the floating toolbar:

    The floating Format toolbar includes options for Font Size and Font Color.

More check marks to choose from

Another font, Segoe UI Symbol, has three checkmark options. You can opt for this font in step 3 of the procedure above, and you can substitute one of the following character codes in step 4.


Character code

Check mark, Segoe UI Symbol font, character code 2705 hex.


Check mark, Segoe UI Symbol font, character code 2713 hex.


Check mark, Segoe UI Symbol font, character code 2714 hex.


Static versus interactive check marks

These marks are static symbols. If you're looking for an interactive check box that you can click to check or uncheck, see: Add a check box or option button (Excel) or Make a checklist in Word.

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