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Changes coming to your connected Gmail accounts

If you connected your Gmail account to Outlook using the new Google account type (currently available in Insider Fast for Outlook for Mac, Insider Slow for Mail for Windows 10, and to all Outlook.com and Outlook on the web users), you might notice some changes in your folder pane. This table summarizes those changes.




All Mail

Archive folder

All Mail is the default filter for your inbox. When your Gmail account is synchronized with Outlook, a copy of every message, regardless of label, is placed here. With the transition to Archive, the duplicate messages will be removed and those messages without labels will be placed in Archive.


Folder removed

The Follow Up flag replaces this functionality. You can filter your mail by "Flagged" to see only those that are flagged. See Mail for Windows 10.


Folder removed

Important messages are routed to the "Focused" tab automatically; others are routed to "Other." If you've turned off Focused Inbox, the messages are placed in your inbox where you can sort and filter them in the same way you do with all other messages.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Microsoft doing this?

These changes make using Gmail accounts in Outlook more consistent with the experience found in the full Outlook family of products.

When will this happen?

These changes are rolling out now and will continue for the next couple of months.

Do I have to do anything as part of this change?

No. All changes will be done for you. You won't lose any mail in this process. In most cases, you probably won't notice the change has happened.

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