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Share content from other apps with OneNote for iPhone or iPad

You can quickly send content from apps on your iPad or iPhone to OneNote. You can send content from Office documents, from clipped content on web pages, from formatted text or file attachments, or you can send a photo.

To use this feature:

  • Your device must be running iOS 8 or later.

  • You must be signed into OneNote and have at least one notebook open.

  • You must enable OneNote on the sharing menu of the app you want to share from.

  1. In OneNote, sign in to and open at least one of your notebooks.

  2. In the app you want to share from, tap the Share menu (for example, while looking at a picture in the Photos app).

    If you're using an Office 365 application like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, tap Share > Send a Copy > Send with Another App.

  3. If OneNote isn't already listed, tap More to display the Activities list.

    Under Activities, tap the slider next to OneNote to enable sharing and then tap Done.

  4. Select a OneNote Location where you want to store your content.

  5. Add a title and note (optional), and then tap Send.

Tip: In iOS 8, and later, you can reorder the icons of apps that you frequently use for sharing. To move OneNote to the front of the list, tap and hold the OneNote icon, and then drag it to the position you want.

Although sharing to OneNote from other apps can be done offline, your notebook must be synced to OneDrive at least once after sharing, otherwise the content will be not be available on your computer or other devices that use the same notebook.

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