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Excel for iPhone touch guide

If you’re new to touch devices, learning a few gestures will help you take maximum advantage of the touch capabilities.

Moving around in a file

To scroll...

Touch the screen and slide your finger up and down, left and right.

Scroll up or down

To quickly scroll through large worksheets, either horizontally or vertically, grab the scroll handle Scroll handle .

To zoom in...

Stretch two fingers apart.

Zoom in

To zoom out...

Pinch two fingers together.

Zoom out

Making a selection

To select a cell...

Tap a cell.

Select a cell

To select multiple cells...

Tap, then drag the selection handler.

Select multiple cells

To place the cursor...

Tap in the formula bar.

Place cursor within text

To add or edit cell contents...

Double-tap the cell, or tap in the formula bar.

Add or edit cell contents

To open the Edit menu for a cell...

Tap the cell.

Open cell edit menu

To select all cells that contain data…

Flick the selection handle down or to the right.

Flick gestures

Working with columns or rows

To select or edit a column or row…

Tap the column or row heading.

Select edit column

To move one or more cells, or a column or row...

Tap and hold a selected column or row, or a group of cells. Dotted lines animate when the item is ready to move. Drag and drop the selected data wherever you like.

Move column

To resize a column or row…

Tap and drag the column or row heading.

Resize column

To AutoFit the column width or row height to the contents…

Double-tap the column or row heading.

AutoFit column
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