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Urmărirea unui proces

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Use Microsoft Planner to track a process like following patients from scheduling to follow-up.

Create a task

Create a task at the beginning of your workflow.

  1. Select + to create a task.

  2. Type the patient's ID number.

  3. Select a due date.

  4. Select Assign to give the task to someone, and then select Add Task.

Add files to a task

Attach a file to a task so colleagues have the information they need as a task moves through a workflow.

  1. To attach the patient's paperwork, select a task and then select Add attachment > SharePoint.

  2. Select the patient's file and then select Save.

Add details to a task

Provide details on a task to further help a task through a workflow.

  1. Select a task and then type in what you want in the Description.

  2. Press Tab to save it, and then select Show on card so the info will appear on the task once it's closed.

    Note: The appointment information now appears on the task, and the new owner gets a notification that a patient is assigned to them when they sign in to Planner.

Move and reassign a task

Keep tasks moving in a workflow by moving them to another bucket and reassigning them.

  1. In a task, select the Bucket drop-down arrow and then select the next bucket in the workflow.

  2. Select the assigned person on the task, choose a new owner, and select X to remove the previous assigned person.

Assign a task

Assign or reassign a task to someone else.

  1. Select Assign to and choose the person to receive your task.

  2. Select X to remove the previous owner.

Want more?

Add tasks to a plan

Attach files, photos, or links to a task

Collaborate with your team using Microsoft Planner

Set a preview picture for a task

Create buckets to sort your tasks

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