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Course summary: Make the switch to PowerPoint 2013

Just start working

Open a file from PowerPoint 2003, or click File > New and open a template or blank presentation.

The ribbon

Instead of menus, the ribbon gives you tabs with groups of commands. The tools you use most are on the Home tab. Click Insert to add pictures, videos, or sounds, and to create a photo album. Click Design for page setup, slide orientation, and themes. Use the Transitions tab to use fades or wipes, the Animationstab to make things move and the Slideshow tab to start and run a presentation. Use the Review tab to add comments, check spelling, and share your presentation, and the View tab to switch between views.

Save your files

Click File > Save As. Select a location for your file and click Save. If you use Office 365 or OneDrive, click Add a place, click the service you want to use, then log in.

Use files between versions

PowerPoint 2003 files should open and run in 2013. Files created in 2013 but saved in the 2003 format, then opened in 2003 may look different. And any features unique to 2013, such as the Vortex transition, won’t work in PowerPoint 2003.

Galleries and previews

When you add a slide, or things to a slide, like a chart, or you change fonts, font colors, or sizes, you see a live preview.

Contextual tabs

Some tabs appear and disappear, depending on what you’re doing. For example, when you embed a video and click that video, he Playback and Format tabs appear.

Convert files

Convert a PowerPoint 2003 file to PowerPoint 2013

  1. Click File > Info > Convert.

  2. Click OK to close the message.

    Convert a PowerPoint 2013 file to PowerPoint 2003

  3. Click File > Info > Check for issues > Check Compatibility.

  4. Make any changes, then click OK to close the compatibility checker.

  5. Click File > Save As, click a location, and in the Save As dialog, open the Save As Type list and click PowerPoint 97-2003.

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