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Crop a clip

Applies to

Microsoft Office 2003 Editions

Microsoft Office XP and earlier

Let's say you have a clip or photograph that you want to use in a document, but there are parts of the art that you want to remove. This is called cropping. Cropping is helpful when you're trying to call attention to a certain area of an image, while omitting any unnecessary detail.

For example, imagine that you are using this photo, but you want to get rid of most of the background and focus on the pushpins (as suggested by the version on the right).

photo of pushpins cropping a photo

Note: Although this tip uses Microsoft Office Word, this general task can also be performed in many other Microsoft Office programs. For more information, consult Help in the program you are working in.

To crop clip art

  1. In your document or file containing the photo or clip you want to crop, click on the image.

  2. On the Picture toolbar, click the Crop button  Cropping handle .

  3. Position the cropping tool over a cropping handle crop handle and drag the handle to crop out the unwanted portions of the art. To crop equally on two sides at once, hold down CTRL as you drag the center handle on either side inward. Or, to crop equally on all four sides at once, hold down CTRL as you drag a corner handle inward.

  4. On the Picture toolbar, click Crop again to turn off the Crop command.

photo of pushpins

Your photo is now cropped and ready for use in your document.

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