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Write a conceptual article

Start your article with a short introduction (1-3 sentences) to explain the concept or feature. If this is a new feature - what's the value proposition? If it's a new concept, what do they need to know? If there's a common question about this subject, answer it right away.

Optionally, include a screenshot or short video to illustrate a feature or a conceptual diagram to explain how something works. If you want to add a video or screenshot, use a two-column grid and have any steps in the left and the video or screenshot in the right.

Placeholder - art sized for mobile - 345 pixels wide

Maximum width: 520 pixels. Use a standard theme, do not show any personal information, and crop to show only what's relevant.

Target no more than 500 words for an article. Optimize for in-app help and mobile viewing. In Chrome, you can use F12 to see how an article will appear on mobile.

Add links to "relatedTopics" section below to highlight related content.

Example articles

What is Office Lens?

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