Add, delete, or block a contact from Communicator

You can add contacts from your organization's global address list (GAL), from a I forbund  network to Communicator for Mac 2011, or from the following networks: Windows Live, AOL, and Yahoo!. Windows Live IDs include all email accounts ending in "," "," "," and other accounts that are registered with Windows Live.

You can also delete or block a contact from your contact list.

Do any of the following:

Add a contact from the global address list

  1. Sign in to Communicator.

  2. In the Contact List window, in the search box under your display name, type the name of the person who you want to add.

  3. When you see that contact in the search results, drag the contact to your contact list.

Add a contact from Windows Live, AOL, Yahoo, or a federated network

You can exchange instant messages with people who use these networks. However, you cannot use some Communicator features with these contacts, such as phone and video calling.

  1. Sign in to your corporate account.

  2. In the Contact List window, click Add  Legg til kontakt-knapp .

  3. Follow the instructions.

    Obs!: When you add a contact who has a Windows Live, Hotmail, AOL, or Yahoo! ID, you can also add the contact to the Office Address Book. After a contact is in the Office Address Book, you can send e-mail to the contact from Outlook for Mac 2011.

Block a contact

When you block a contact, that person cannot see your online status or send you messages.

  1. Sign in to Communicator.

  2. On the Contact menu, click Privacy.

  3. Under Visibility and Privacy, in the My Allow List, click the contact whom you want to block, and then click Block.

    Tips!: To block a contact in your contact list, hold down CONTROL , click the contact, and then click Block.

Delete a contact

  1. Sign in to Communicator.

  2. Hold down CONTROL and click the contact in the contact list, and then click Delete Contact.

    Tips!: To also block the contact, select the I also want to block this person check box.

  3. Click Delete.


    • If you delete a contact without also blocking the contact, that person can still see your online status and send you messages.

    • To restore a deleted contact, on the Contact menu, click Privacy. Under My Allow List or My Block List, hold down CONTROL and click the contact, and then click Add to Contacts.

Block all unknown senders from sending messages

You can block all users who are outside your organization and are not on the My Allow List. Blocked users from outside your organization cannot send you messages or see your online status.

  1. On the Contact menu, click Privacy.

  2. Under Visibility and Privacy, select the Block users who are outside my organization unless they are on my Allow List check box.

    Obs!: All users in your organization can see your online status. However, you can block individual users in your organization from sending you messages.

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