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Use Word views to read or edit your document

Word for Android phone, Word for iPhone, and Word Mobile for Windows phone provide two views to help you read and make changes to your document.

Print Layout

Your document opens showing the entire page, just the way it will appear when it is printed on a sheet of paper. You can make changes while text formatting, images, and page layout are visible.

Mobile view

You can optimize your document’s display to make it easier to read, edit text, and add comments on your phone’s small screen.

When you first open your document, it appears in Print Layout view. To switch to Mobile view, tap Mobile Reflow icon at the top of your screen. Tap again to go back to Print Layout view.

When you're in Mobile view, Word automatically switches back to Print Layout view for certain actions that may change the document’s layout, such as adding a header or footer, and adding, resizing, or rotating an image.

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