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Create a Mega menu in hub sites

Create a Mega menu in hub sites

Mega menus enable site navigation to be displayed at-a-glance on communication pages and hub sites. This increases the value of a site by engaging your audience in discovering more content than ever before.

Example of a mega menu

Mega menus are ideal for:

  • Navigation that requires three levels of hierarchy

  • Increasing the likelihood of resources being discovered

  • Enabling your audience to engage in using new tools and content


  • Only administrators and site owners can create a mega menu.

  • Mega menus cannot be created on team sites.

Change from a cascade menu to a mega menu: 


  1. Start by identifying the three levels of hierarchy.

    Image of a mega menu with three levels on information  

    1. Menu item title

    2. Menu section title

    3. Menu item sub-link

  2. Select Edit from the menu bar.

    Image of a menu bar  

  3. Arrange the menu topics into three levels of hierarchy:

    To Add a new header or sub-link, hover above header labels and select the + icon that will appear.

       Image of adding a new header to navigation

  4. To Edit, Move, Promote, and Remove select the ellipses next to the menu topic.

    Image of the ellipses selected  

  5. Move and Promote headers and sub-links until they are in the desired position and select Save.

  6.  Go to site settings and select Change the look.

      Image of site settings pane

  7. Select Navigation.

      Image of change the look pane options

  8. Select Mega menu and then select Save.

      Image of mega menu option

Learn more about custom navigation: 

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