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Set your status

Your presence information includes availability statuses such as Available or Away, and also color-coded indicators such as green, yellow, or red.

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Statuses you can set

Statuses set automatically

Set a personal note

Statuses you can set

To change your status, from the left, tap the first icon to get to the My Info screen. Then tap Status, and from the Status screen select one of the following:

  • Available

  • Busy

  • Do Not Disturb

  • Be Right Back

  • Off Work

  • Appear Away

  • Reset Status

Statuses set automatically

The following appears automatically in your status area.

  • Inactive: Your computer hasn’t been used or you haven’t used Lync on your mobile device for 5 minutes or more.

  • Offline.

As soon as you’re signed in, you remain signed in as long as there is connectivity. If connectivity is lost for 30 minutes, you’re signed out. If you have connectivity but haven’t used the app for 10 days, you’re signed out.

Set a personal note

When you change your Automatic Replies (Out of Office) settings in Microsoft Outlook, the note that you type there also appears in the personal note area in Set your status (the box above the picture area and your name). This note stays in Set your status until you cancel the note in Microsoft Outlook, or type a new note.

To set a personal note, do the following:

  1. To change your status, from the left, tap the first icon to get to the My Info screen.

  2. From My Info screen, in the note area, type any kind of note that you want. The note will appear with your contact card.

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