What's new in Skype for Business?

Маңызды : Осы мақаланы компьютер аударған, ескерту мәтінін қараңыз. Анықтама алу үшін осы мақаланың ағылшын тіліндегі нұсқасын осы жерден таба аласыз.

.We're always working to improve Бизнеске арналған Skype and are excited to tell you about the latest features that are available now.

Skype for Business on Windows

June 13, 2017

New screen-sharing notification

This notification reminds you that you are still sharing your screen and makes it easy to stop sharing. This notification is displayed when:

  • You share your screen in an IM conversation.

  • You share your screen in a meeting and hang up the call without stopping screen-sharing.

Sharing notification in an IM conversation

Ескерту : Don't see this feature in your Бизнеске арналған Skype client yet? It's just starting to roll out and you should see it soon.

May 9, 2017

New problem-reporting tool

Report a Problem dialog box

You can now report a problem or send feedback about your Бизнеске арналған Skype experience directly to Microsoft, right from the Бизнеске арналған Skype main window.

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Simplified meeting join for mobile users

The Бизнеске арналған Skype meeting invitation has been updated to combine the telephone numbers with conference IDs (access codes). Instead of having to click the phone number and then enter the conference ID as a separate step, mobile users just tap the phone number to join.

Meeting invitation on mobile

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Join Microsoft Teams meetings through Skype for Business

Office 365 users who use Microsoft Teams can now view and join their Teams meetings from the Бизнеске арналған Skype meeting view.

Join Teams meetings through Skype for Business

Ескерту : Don't see these features in your Бизнеске арналған Skype client yet? They're just starting to roll out and you should see them soon.

Алдыңғы шығарылымдар

If you can't see your Бизнеске арналған Skype Contacts folder in Outlook or Outlook Web App, your organization might have changed the policy settings to hide it. If you use the latest Office 365 Outlook Web App, you can see Бизнеске арналған Skype contacts directly from the Бизнеске арналған Skype 2016 chat sidebar.

Office 365 Outlook on the web view

Similarly, if you use the mobile or desktop client, you can use the Бизнеске арналған Skype 2016 client to view the Бизнеске арналған Skype contacts.

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Improvements to call notifications

Notifications in Бизнеске арналған Skype now have a more modern look and feel. New notifications provide more information about incoming calls, and make it easy to take quick action on calls.

Notification window showing the improved design

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Improvements to call transfers

A new Consult button has been added to the Бизнеске арналған Skype user interface to improve how calls are transferred. The Consultative Transfer feature makes it easier to confer with someone before transferring a call to them.

Call Controls window showing the Consult button

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New look for the user interface

The Бизнеске арналған Skype UI is getting a visual facelift. Updates include improved keyboard navigation, screen reader compatibility, color changes and icons that provide greater text-to-background contrast, and other visual enhancements designed to help make the experience more accessible for all users.

Example of new visual updates

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Video-based screen sharing in meetings

Experience a faster, reliable, and more efficient screen-sharing experience in meetings and conference calls. This feature was previously available only in peer-to-peer video-based screen-sharing.

Ескерту : This feature requires the new version of Бизнеске арналған Skype 2015 сервері 2016 Cumulative Update (Office 365 only). Read more about version requirements.

For more information, see Video-based screen sharing for Skype for Business Server 2015.

Offline messaging

Don't wait until someone is online before sending them a message in Бизнеске арналған Skype. You'll no longer receive those "this message can't be delivered" notifications when you send a message to someone who is offline.

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Preload meeting attachments

Get a quick start to meetings by preloading attachments when you set up your online meeting in Outlook so that you can get started as soon as the participants join.

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Launch Skype for Business from Office 365

You can now launch and perform some basic Бизнеске арналған Skype tasks right from your navigation bar in Outlook on the web for business (Outlook Web App) in Office 365.

Launch Skype for Business from the navigation bar

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Prompt to switch audio to newly connected device without putting ongoing call on hold

You are prompted to switch audio for an ongoing call or meeting to a newly connected device, without putting the ongoing call on hold.

Leaner Бизнеске арналған Skype

Various engineering investments resulted in a smaller, more nimble Бизнеске арналған Skype 16 client. Not only does it take less space but also requires less memory than version 15, resulting in quicker performance for all users.

Co-author in a Бизнеске арналған Skype meeting

If you're writing a document or creating a spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation and need to collaborate with others, you can use Office 365 and Бизнеске арналған Skype to co-author and edit while in a meeting or instant message (IM) conversation. Everyone who participates in the co-authoring session sees changes being made to the document in real time.

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Smart contacts list

The first time you use Бизнеске арналған Skype, you'll see that your contacts list already includes your manager and the people on your team, and all are tagged for status updates. That's because Бизнеске арналған Skype checks your company's global address book and picks out those people who share your same manager. Of course, you can make changes to this list by adding and removing contacts, creating groups, and sorting contacts into groups that make sense to you.

Don't want to see status updates from your team? You can untag a contact.

This feature is turned on by default for Office 365 users. On-premises customers will have the feature turned off by default but admins can enable it through an in-band setting.

Smart contacts lists are available to both Бизнеске арналған Skype 15 and Бизнеске арналған Skype 16 clients.

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Contextual tips

Contextual tips are helpful suggestions that encourage you to try Бизнеске арналған Skype features that you might not have used before. The tips are relevant to the task at hand. For example, when searching for a contact, you might see a tip like this:

Tip that pops up when you enter the beginnings of a name in the search box

Click the X at the top of the tip to dismiss it. Once dismissed, the tip will not display again.

This feature is only available in Бизнеске арналған Skype 16.

Peer-to-peer video-based screen sharing

You and your colleagues will enjoy an improved screen-sharing experience thanks to the video-based screen-sharing (VbSS) technology in Бизнеске арналған Skype. While you won't see any changes in the way you present on-screen content during your peer-to-peer calls or chats, you will notice that the connection time is drastically reduced, and the screen presentation is always in sync between presenter and viewer.

VbSS is only used when both parties in the conversation are using Бизнеске арналған Skype 16. For more information, including network bandwidth requirements, see Video-Based Screen-Sharing for Skype for Business Server 2015.

Modern authentication

Modern authentication takes advantage of the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) to enable various sign-in scenarios for users of Office 365 and Бизнеске арналған Skype. These scenarios include multi-factor authentication, Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) -based identity provider sign-in, and smart card and certificate-based authentication.

Admins can learn more about ADAL by visiting MSDN.

Support for Office 365 Groups

You probably already know that you can add individual contacts to your contact list, but if your organization uses Office 365 Groups, you can now add those to your list, too. The process is the same, just search for the Group name, right-click the name when you see it in the list, and click Add to contacts list.

Features no longer available in Бизнеске арналған Skype 16

The Lync experience    is only supported in version 15. In version 16, all users will have the Бизнеске арналған Skype experience only.

Remote Call Control    was a feature in previous versions of Lync and Бизнеске арналған Skype, which enabled users to control their private branch exchange (PBX) phones with their Lync and Бизнеске арналған Skype clients.

Ескерту : Microsoft is working with select partners to ensure their IP Phones and other products work seamlessly to provide enterprise grade communications solutions for our customers. See the Skype for Business Solutions web site to learn more about this partnership.

Ескерту : Компьютер аудармасы бойынша ескерту мәтіні: Бұл мақала адам араласуынсыз, компьютерлік жүйе арқылы аударылды. Microsoft корпорациясы ағылшын тілінде сөйлемейтін пайдаланушыларға Microsoft өнімдері, қызметтері және технологиялары туралы мазмұннан жақсы әсер алу мақсатында көмектесу үшін осы компьютер аударламаларын ұсынады. Мақаланы компьютер аударғандықтан, сөздік, синтаксис немесе грамматика қателері болуы мүмкін.

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