What are Communications Credits?

Маңызды : Осы мақаланы компьютер аударған, ескерту мәтінін қараңыз. Анықтама алу үшін осы мақаланың ағылшын тіліндегі нұсқасын осы жерден таба аласыз.

Communications Credits are a convenient way to pay for Audio Conferencing and Calling Plan minutes. It helps ensure you and your users are never caught without being able to:

  • Add toll free numbers to use with Audio Conferencing meetings, auto attendants or call queues. Toll free calls are billed per minute and require a positive Communications Credits balance.

  • Dialing out from an Audio Conference meeting to add someone else from anywhere in the world.

  • Dialing out from an Audio Conference meeting to your mobile phone with the Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams app installed to destinations that aren't already included in your subscription.

  • Dial any international phone number when you have a Domestic Calling Plan subscriptions.

  • Dial international phone numbers beyond what is included in an International Calling Plan subscription.

Ескерту : Outbound calls to some destinations may be included in your Audio Conferencing subscription. Please check your subscription information for details.

Ескерту : If your tenant is homed in a different region than the billing address of your enterprise agreement (EA), you might not be able to purchase Communication Credits. If you are unable to acquire Communication Credits, open a support incident from the portal and we will work with you to mitigate this issue until a permanent solution is in place.

What are the Communications Credits rates?

If you're wondering how what the cost of the calls are for Calling Plans, see Communications Credits Rates for Calling Plans.

Бұл не?

To use toll free numbers in Skype for Business, Communications Credits is required as these calls are billed per minute. Also, we recommend that you set up Communications Credits for your Calling Plan and Audio Conferencing users that need the ability to dial out to any PSTN destination. Many countries/regions are included but some destinations may not be included in your Calling Plan or Audio Conferencing subscriptions. If you don’t set up Communications Credits or assign a license to your users and you run out minutes for your organization (depending on your Calling Plan, Audio Conferencing plan or your country/region), those users won’t be able to make calls or dial-out from Online Audio Conferencing meetings.

Ескерту : You must set up Communications Credits and then assign a Communications Credits license each user in the Office 365 admin center > Active Users.

It's recommended that you carefully evaluate your organization's PSTN Service usage in order to understand the best set up for Communications Credits. You can see more about PSTN services by seeing What are Office 365 Calling Plans? and Audio Conferencing in Office 365.

You can set up consumption billing using either a one-time funding of the pre-paid balance OR setting up an auto recharge ( recommended) amount with a minimum balance that will trigger a purchase for that recharge amount. Initially, it's suggested that you set up auto recharge amounts that allow you to monitor actual usage and find the right auto recharge thresholds that meet your needs and usage patterns. Communications Credits should be monitored over time and then adjust the minimum balance and recharge amounts as needed to be tailored for each organization's needs.

Ескерту : You can see the plans and pricing by signing into the Office 365 admin center and going to Billing > Subscriptions > Add subscriptions.

In the Office 365 admin center > Billing > Subscriptions, you will be able to add credit manually at any time. You can also enable the Auto-recharge option, which will allow automatic account refills when the balance falls below the threshold that you set. If you choose to fund your Communications Credits balance with a one-time amount and then balance falls to zero, the additional calling scenarios above are no longer work including toll free phone numbers. As such, it's recommended that you use the ‘ Auto-recharge’ setting to avoid any disruption of service should your Communications Credits balance reaches 0 (zero). You will be sent an email when recharge transactions succeed, recharge transactions fail (such as an expired credit card) and when your Communications Credits balance reaches 0 (zero).

Байланыс кредиттері

Each organization will have a different usage of Calling Plans volume and rates to consider. You will need to get this type of usage data from your current service provider. For those organizations using Skype for Business already as their service provider, you can get usage data by reviewing it in the Office 365 admin center > Reporting or Skype for Business admin center > Reports > PSTN usage details report.

When you are setting up Communications Credits, you will need to investigate call usage for your organization to determine the amounts that you will need to put in. You can get call usage information by reviewing the PSTN usage details report. This report lets you export the call data records to Excel if you want to export the data for storage or to create custom reports.

Skype for Business PSTN Consumption Reporting.

Recommended funding amounts

To give you an idea on recommended amounts that you would use, which are based on the number of users in your organization, here is a table that will be helpful.

Number of licensed users

One-time funding (initial amount)

Trigger (lowest amount)

< 250

$1,000 (for invoice billed customers).

200 теңге














$10 000



15,000 теңге





Ескерту : All of the amounts listed above are in U.S. dollars.

Тарифтер мен бағалар туралы білгіңіз келе ме?

Келесі сілтемелердің бірін қарап, тарифтер мен бағаларды көруіңізге болады:

You can also see information by signing into the Office 365 admin center and going to Billing > Subscriptions > Add subscriptions.

To see a table with the license or licenses you will need for each feature, see Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams add-on licensing.

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