Upload an Access app to a site

Маңызды :  This article is machine translated, see the disclaimer. Please find the English version of this article here for your reference.

After you spend time creating and customizing an Access web app, you can save your web app as a package and reuse it on other SharePoint or Office 365 sites. The simplest way to do this as a site owner is to upload your web app package file straight to your site.

Ескерту : This article doesn't apply to Access desktop databases.

  1. On the site where you want to upload your custom Access web app, click Settings > Add an app.

  2. On the Site Contents page, type Access in the search box and click Search.

    Searching for an Access app from the Add an app page in SharePoint

    The Access App tile will appear in the search results.

  3. Click the Access App tile.

  4. In the Adding an Access app dialog box, click the Or upload an Access .app package link.

    Uploading an Access app package to the Add an app page on a SharePoint site

    The dialog box changes and a Browse box appears.

  5. Browse to the .app file that you saved earlier and then click Create. (If you hadn’t already done so, save your Access web app as a package, and then come back here.)

  6. Wait a few minutes for your web app to get added to the site and then click the tile to open it.

Кеңес :  If you want to make your Access web app available on sites throughout your organization, you’ll need to upload your Access web app to your App Catalog or the SharePoint Store.

Ескерту : Machine Translation Disclaimer: This article has been translated by a computer system without human intervention. Microsoft offers these machine translations to help non-English speaking users enjoy content about Microsoft products, services and technologies. Because the article was machine translated, it may contain errors in vocabulary, syntax or grammar.

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