Skype Room Systems version 2 help

Important: Осы мақаланы компьютер аударған, ескерту мәтінін қараңыз. Анықтама алу үшін осы мақаланың ағылшын тіліндегі нұсқасын осы жерден таба аласыз.

Skype Room Systems version 2 provides a complete Бизнеске арналған Skype meeting experience that brings HD video, audio, and content sharing to meetings of all sizes, from small huddle areas to large conference rooms.

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Skype Room Systems console window

The touchscreen console on the conference table is the heart of every meeting in the meeting room. The control automatically wakes up when it detects motion in front of it. On the screen, you can see the five things you can do:

  • Join a Бизнеске арналған Skype meeting prescheduled via Outlook, where the organizer added the meeting room as the location of the meeting.

  • Instantly start a new Бизнеске арналған Skype meeting by touching the New Meeting button.

  • Make a phone call via Dial Pad, using the PSTN calling integration in Бизнеске арналған Skype.

  • Project your laptop on the front of room screen, by connecting the HDMI cable connected to the console, and touching the Present button.

  • Invite the room to easily make any meeting a Бизнеске арналған Skype meeting, instantly projecting to the display in the room and sharing with remote participants.

When you are in a meeting, you will see the familiar Бизнеске арналған Skype buttons for video, microphone, sharing content, and ending a call.

Meeting controls

At the top of the meeting window, you will see the Participants, Conversations, and Content tabs. Tap those to add meeting participants, start or join IM conversations, or share and manage content.

Meeting tabs

Join a scheduled meeting
  • Find your Бизнеске арналған Skype meeting tile on the touchscreen console, and tap Join.

    Join a scheduled meeting

    Tip: The current meeting is shown in a blue tile. Upcoming meetings are shown in a gray tile. The last meeting tile will stay on the screen 5 minutes after the call ends to allow you to easily rejoin.

    Note:  If your scheduled Бизнеске арналған Skype meeting does not appear on the console (or if the meeting tile shows ... instead of Join), you will need to invite the Skype Room Systems room.

Join a scheduled meeting when no tile is displayed on the console
  1. On your laptop or other device, join the already scheduled Бизнеске арналған Skype meeting.

  2. From your device, tap Invite More People to invite the room. (The room name is located on the console.) Select the room, and then click OK.

  3. On the touchscreen console, tap Accept to answer the call.

You can start a new meeting from the touchscreen console in your meeting room.

  1. On the touchscreen console, tap New Meeting.

    New Meeting button
  2. In the Find someone or dial a number box, scroll through the directory or use the keyboard display to enter the names of the people you want to invite, and then tap Invite.

  3. When the person's name appears, select it to add it to the list of invitees. Repeat for each participant.

  4. After all of the participants that you want to invite are on the Participants list, select Invite. Your call will begin automatically.

Anyone who is joined to the Skype for Business meeting from their personal device can share content with the meeting participants.

Share a PowerPoint presentation
  1. On your personal device, tap Present.

  2. Select Present PowerPoint Files.

  3. In File Explorer, select the PowerPoint file that you want to present, and then select Open.

    Your PowerPoint file uploads and displays. It is also added to the Presentable Content list on the Content tab of the Skype Room Systems v2 console and to the Manage Content list in the Бизнеске арналған Skype client of all participants.

Share a program window
  1. On your personal device, tap Present.

  2. Tap Present Programs.

  3. Select the program window that you want to share.

Share your desktop with participants in a scheduled Skype for Business meeting
  1. Join your meeting.

  2. On your personal device, tap Present.

  3. Tap Present Desktop.

Share your desktop with in-room participants only
  • Connect your laptop to the appropriate cable on the table to share locally. You can also share the desktop into a meeting by tapping the HDMI Input tile on the console.

Stop sharing your desktop
  • On the console, tap Stop Presenting.

Add a participant
  1. At the top of meeting window, tap the Participants tab, and then tap Add participants.

    Meeting window
  2. In the Find someone or dial a number box, scroll through the directory or use the keyboard display to enter the names of the people you want to invite, and then tap Invite.

    Search for and add participants
Join an IM conversation
  1. At the top of meeting window, tap the Conversation tab.

    Сұхбат терезесі
  2. In the Type a message box, use the keyboard display to enter your message, and then tap IM send button or press ENTER.

    Type a message box
Manage the screen layout
  1. At the bottom of meeting window, tap the Layout button.

    Layout button
  2. Choose the room display view you want to use: Gallery, Content and Gallery, or Content.

Manage audio
  • At the bottom of meeting window, tap the Microphone button Mute / Unmute button to mute or unmute the microphone.

  • At the bottom of meeting window, use the slider control to adjust the speaker volume or mute the speaker.

    Audio control
  • On the Participants tab, tap a participant name, and then tap Mute participant to mute a single participant. Or, tap the Mute all button to mute all participants.

    Participant actions
Manage video
  1. At the bottom of meeting window, tap the Video button Video button .

  2. Choose which video device you want to use, or tap Camera Off to stop transmitting video from your conference room.

Телефон қоңырауын шалу
  1. On the touchscreen console, tap Dial Pad.

    Dial Pad button
  2. Use the keypad to dial the telephone number, and then tap Call.

    Dial Pad window
  3. You can also call from the Participants tab. In the Find someone or dial a number box, use the keyboard display to enter the phone number of the person you want to call.

Project in-room only
  • If you want to show content only to participants in the room, but not to remote participants, tap the Share Content button Present Content button to toggle sharing when your laptop is connected to the Skype Room Systems v2 cable.

    Note: Your laptop must be connected to the HDMI IN cable on the console to project in-room only.

End a meeting
  • In the meeting window, tap the Hang Up button Hang up or end call to end the meeting.

Remove uploaded content
  1. If you leave the meeting room before your scheduled meeting time has ended, you can remove any content that you uploaded for the presentation. At the top of meeting window, tap the Content tab.

  2. On the Presentable Content list, select the content that you want to remove.

  3. Tap Remove.

Use Outlook to reserve a room equipped with Skype Room Systems v2
  1. Outlook бағдарламасын ашып, күнтізбеге өтіңіз.

  2. On the Home tab, in the Skype Meeting section, click New Skype Meeting.

  3. On the Meeting tab, select Room Finder.

  4. In the Room Finder pane, select a building or list from the Show a room list menu.

  5. From the list of available rooms, choose a room name ending with “Skype Room” (or whatever your organization uses to designate rooms that are equipped with a Skype Room Systems v2 console.

  6. To have PowerPoint files available on the console, add the files to the meeting invitation. On the Insert tab, click Attach File.

  7. Complete the meeting invitation as you would for any other meeting before sending.

Use Skype for Business to add a Skype Room Systems v2 room to an existing meeting
  1. Join the meeting from your personal device.

  2. Click or tap Invite More People.

  3. Search for the room name (it's on the console), and click or tap OK.

  4. Answer the call from the console.

Use Outlook to add a Skype Room Systems v2 room to an existing meeting
  1. Open the calendar item in Outlook on your personal device.

  2. Add the room name (it's on the console) in the To field, and send the update.

  3. If the meeting is accepted, it will appear as a meeting tile on the console.

  4. Tap the meeting tile on the console to join.

Note: Компьютер аудармасы бойынша ескерту мәтіні: Бұл мақала адам араласуынсыз, компьютерлік жүйе арқылы аударылды. Microsoft корпорациясы ағылшын тілінде сөйлемейтін пайдаланушыларға Microsoft өнімдері, қызметтері және технологиялары туралы мазмұннан жақсы әсер алу мақсатында көмектесу үшін осы компьютер аударламаларын ұсынады. Мақаланы компьютер аударғандықтан, сөздік, синтаксис немесе грамматика қателері болуы мүмкін.

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