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Discontinued features and modified functionality in Project 2010

The following list describes features and functionality that have been discontinued or changed in Microsoft Project 2010.

  • Custom forms   Project 2010 does not support creating or using custom forms. However, you can use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to create custom forms to replace those you had previously created in earlier versions of Project.

  • Double-click to enable task splitting    You can no longer double-click the Split Task button to enable task splitting. The Ribbon does not support this. However, you can single-click the button to enable task splitting.

  • Resource availability graphs You can no longer view resource availability graphs on the Assign Resources dialog box. The graphs have the following modified functions:

    • You can only graph one resource at a time.

    • The team planner is a new graphical way to view and assign unassigned work and fix overallocations. You can still use the Assign Resources button to assign resources.

  • Project Guide    The Project Guide has been removed from Project 2010. However, custom project guides are still supported. You can use VBA to enable custom project guide support.

  • Add-ins and sample macros   Project 2010 does not include add-ins and sample macros.

The following add-ins and sample macros are no longer available:

  • PERT Analysis

  • Format_Duration

  • ResMgmt_TaskEntry

  • Rollup_Formatting

  • Toggle_Read_Only

  • Update_File

The following add-ins are now incorporated into the program:

  • Copy Picture (no longer creates an Office document and does not allow exporting to the .jpg format.)

  • Adjust Dates

  • Compare Project Versions

  • Excel PivotTable reports    You cannot save your project data as an Excel PivotTable report in Project 2010. You can still create other visual reports.

In addition to the standard Excel workbook (.xls) file format, Project 2010 can save data in other Excel file formats that were not supported in previous versions of Project:

  • .xlsx

  • .xlsb

  • .xlsm

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