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This video shows you the Top 5 things that have changed in PowerPoint 2013.

Just start working

Open a file from PowerPoint 2003, or click FILE > New and open a template, or blank presentation.

The ribbon

Instead of menus, the ribbon gives you tabs with groups of commands. The tools you use most are on the HOME tab.

  • Click INSERT to add pictures, videos, or sounds, and to create a photo album.

  • Click DESIGN for page setup, slide orientation, and themes.

  • Use the TRANSITIONS tab to use fades or wipes, the ANIMATIONS tab to make things move, and the SLIDE SHOW tab to start and run a presentation.

  • Use the REVIEW tab to add comments, check spelling, and share your presentation, and the VIEW tab to switch between views.

Save your files

  • Click FILE > Save As.

  • Select a location for your file and click Save.

  • If you use Office 365 or OneDrive, click Add a place, click the service you want to use, and then, log in.

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