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Team Assignment Pool (resource field)

Data Type    Yes/No

Entry Type    Calculated or entered

Description    The Team Assignment Pool field shows whether the current resource is a team resource (Yes). A team resource is a single named resource, for example, "Legal" or "Sales," which represents a group of several enterprise resources, any of whom can fulfill the work on assigned tasks.

How Calculated    If you create a team resource in the Resource Center in Project Server, and add that team resource to your enterprise project, this field is set to Yes automatically. You can also change this field from within Project.

Best Uses    Add the Team Assignment Pool field to a resource sheet when you need to see which resources are team resources and which are not. Also use this field when you need to create a team resource or change an existing work resource to a team resource. You can then assign this team resource to tasks that you want to be available to all members of that team. In Project Web App, team members are able to see these tasks and assign themselves to them.

Example    In the Resource Sheet, you create a new work resource named "Marketing." You add the Team Assignment Pool field to the sheet, and change its setting to Yes, making it a team resource. Switching to the Gantt Chart, you assign the new Marketing team resource to several tasks, including "Develop new product brochure" and "Create trade show plan." You publish the changes to Project Server. In Project Web App, the members of the Marketing team —including Erin and Wilson—see the new tasks assigned to Marketing. Erin assigns herself to the "Develop new product brochure" task, and Wilson assigns himself to the "Create trade show plan" task.

Remarks    Although the Team Assignment Pool field is available for local projects, it is only useful when working with an enterprise project through Project Server.

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