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Inactive (resource field)

Data Type    Yes/No

Entry Type    Calculated

Description    Enterprise resources are not deleted. Instead, they are made inactive by a user with administrative privileges. The Inactive field indicates whether an enterprise resource is inactive or active.

How Calculated    When an inactive enterprise resource is requested from the project portfolio, the Inactive field is set to Yes. Otherwise, this field is set to No.

Best Uses    Add the Inactive field to a resource view when you want to review or filter for inactive resources. This is especially useful to find out if any resources currently assigned tasks in your project have become inactive.

Example    Three resources on your team have recently transferred to another division of the company and are no longer available for work on your project. Their status in the enterprise resource pool has been updated by the Human Resources administrator. You add the Inactive field to the Resource Sheet, and filter on the Inactive field having a value of Yes. You then find the assignments for these resources and replace them with active resources.

Remarks    The inactive indicator is displayed in sheet views next to the names of inactive resources. Inactive resources cannot be added as new members to a project team.

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