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Wrap text in a cell

If you want to make all of the text visible in a cell, you can format the cell to wrap text automatically. You can also manually enter a line break in a cell to start text on a new line.

To wrap text automatically:

  1. Select the cells you want to format.

  2. Click Home > Alignment > Wrap Text Button image .

    Click Wrap Text on the Home tab

  3. If all of your wrapped text isn’t visible, drag the bottom border of the row down, to make the cell bigger.

    Drag the bottom of the row down

Note:  Text will wrap to fit the column width of your cell. If you change the column width, text wrapping will adjust automatically.

Enter a line break

To start a new line of text at any specific point in a cell:

  1. Double-click the cell in which you want to enter a line break.

    Tip:  You can also select the cell, and then press F2.

  2. In the cell, click the location where you want to break the line, and press Alt+ Enter.

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