SharePoint उत्पादों में पहुँच क्षमता सुविधाएँ

The SharePoint team is dedicated to making SharePoint more available to people with disabilities, and to help everyone create SharePoint sites that are more accessible. For example, they recently updated SharePoint libraries to greatly improve keyboard navigation and document access . In addition, SharePointoffers More Accessible Mode, a special feature that can create a different version of software elements, such a menu, to make it easier for a screen reader to interpret.

To get the most out of the accessibility features in SharePoint, check the Accessibility features in Office 2013.

To learn more about features that make it easier to see, hear, and use your computer, visit Accessibility in Microsoft Products.

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कुंजीपटल शॉर्टकट्स

Initial options for navigation

अधिक पहुँच क्षमता मोड

नि:शक्त लोगों के लिए ग्राहक सेवा

नया क्या है

The SharePoint team re-designed व्यवसाय के लिए OneDrive and the SharePoint लाइब्रेरी to make them work better with most screen readers.

कुंजीपटल शॉर्टकट्स

Many features and commands are available directly by using the keyboard. You can press the TAB key and SHIFT+TAB to move back and forth between elements on any page. In addition, SharePoint has keyboard shortcuts for many commands. For detailed descriptions of all available shortcuts, see Keyboard shortcuts.

Initial options for navigation

Every SharePoint page has three links that are the first options on the page. You access the links only by using the Tab key.

  • Turn on more accessible mode – Enables More Accessible Mode

  • रिबन आदेश छोड़ें- सक्रिय फ़ोकस को रिबन आदेशों के पीछे छोड़ता है और फ़ोकस को सीधे नेविगेशन लिंक्स पर ले जाता है

  • मुख्य सामग्री को छोड़ें -रिबन आदेश और नेविगेशन लिंक्स, दोनों को छोड़ता है, और फ़ोकस को सीधे पृष्ठ की मुख्य सामग्री क्षेत्र में ले जाता है.

अधिक पहुँच क्षमता मोड

Most user interface (UI) elements, such as forms, links, and buttons, work well with accessibility tools. However, people often customize a SharePoint site, and add a control or other element that don’t work well with accessibility tools. For these situations, SharePoint has an option called More Accessible Mode. More Accessible Mode can display the custom feature as an equivalent one in standard HTML that the assistive technology can use.

To turn More Accessible Mode on or off

  • Turn on More Accessible Mode: To turn on More Accessible Mode, press the TAB key immediately after you put focus on the page in a browser. Press the TAB key until you reach the Turn on more accessible mode link, and then press ENTER.

  • Turn off More Accessible Mode: To turn off More Accessible Mode, press the TAB key immediately after you put focus on the page in the browser. Press the TAB key until you reach the Turn on more accessible mode link, and then press the TAB key several more times until you reach the Turn off more accessible mode link.

Features of More Accessible Mode

More Accessible Mode applies only to the local computer, not to any other computer. No one other than you knows that you enabled this option. More Accessible Mode remains on until you turn it off, or until you close the browser. More Accessible Mode is especially helpful with the following items:

  • Menu windows    Instead of displaying a drop-down menu of options, More Accessible mode creates a list of the menu items in simple HTML. Each option is a link that you can follow to select that option.

  • Customized content    More Accessible Mode replaces some custom content that screen readers can't interpret with content that they can process. For example, some lists offer enhanced text that enable users to add formatted text, images, tables, and hyperlinks. However, some screen readers can’t interpret enhanced text fields . When you turn on More Accessible Mode, SharePoint replaces the enhanced text with standard plain text.

    The following table shows content that More Accessible Mode replaces.

    Content in standard mode

    Alternate form of content in More Accessible Mode

    एनहांस्ड पाठ फ़ील्ड

    एकाधिक पंक्ति वाली पाठ फ़ील्ड

    ग्राफ़िकल सारांश चार्ट (सर्वेक्षणों के लिए)

    तालिका शीर्षलेखों के साथ तालिका

    गैंट चार्ट (प्रोजेक्ट सूची में)

    तालिका शीर्षलेखों के साथ तालिका

    संपर्क चयनकर्ता

    पाठ फ़ील्ड

निःशक्त लोगों के लिए ग्राहक सेवा

Microsoft wants to provide the best possible experience for all our customers, including people with disabilities. If you need help, contact our Disability Answer Desk.

The Disability Answer Desk is worldwide. Our support team is trained to help people with disabilities via telephone or chat in the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, telephone support is available in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and India.

Our direct telephone (including TTY support) number is (800) 936-5900.

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