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Moving a user's audio conferencing provider to Microsoft

To use Audio Conferencing in Office 365 with Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, users in your organization need to have an Audio Conferencing license assigned to them and their audio conferencing provider must be set to Microsoft. See, Try or purchase Audio Conferencing to get more information on licensing and how much they cost.

To move a user's audio conferencing provider to Microsoft

If an Audio Conferencing license is assigned to a user that doesn't have a audio conferencing provider, the user's provider will be automatically set to Microsoft and you don't have to do anything else. If the user already had a audio conferencing provider, you must change the user's provider to Microsoft after assigning them a Audio Conferencing license.

To set Microsoft as the audio conferencing provider for a user that has a Audio Conferencing license assigned but is using another audio conferencing provider do this:

  1. Sign in to Office 365 with your work or school account.

  2. Go to the Office 365 admin center > Skype for Business.

  3. In the Skype for Business admin center, go to Audio conferencing.

  4. If you see a banner that is notifying you that there are users with a Audio Conferencing license assigned but don't have Microsoft set as their audio conferencing provider yet, click Click here to move them. If you don't see the banner, in the Skype for Business admin center click Users and select the Users ready to be moved to Audio Conferencing filter.

  5. Select the users that you want to move and then in the action pane, click Edit.

  6. Select Microsoft in the Provider name list.

    Note: When the audio conferencing provider of a user is changed to Microsoft, the audio conferencing information of the user will change. If you need to keep this information, please record it somewhere before changing the provider of any of the users.

  7. Click Save.

  • If you select the user in the list, you can view the default audio conferencing information of the user but you won't be able to see the audio conferencing PIN. You can reset the audio conferencing PIN of a user by clicking Reset.

  • If you want to change audio conferencing settings for a user, you can select the user from the list and then click Edit and make your changes on the Properties page.

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