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You can save and view a text conversation in the Conversation History. In the Conversation History, text conversations are organized by contact name and then by date. All conversations that you save with a contact on a particular date are saved in a single log.

When you save a conversation in Conversation History, only the text portion is saved. Audio and video aren't saved.

Do any of the following:

Set preferences for saving all conversations

Communicatorcan save conversations automatically, never save conversations, or ask whether to save each conversation.

  1. Sign in to Communicator.

  2. On the Communicator menu, click Preferences, and then click History  Historia-painike .

  3. Select the options that you want.

    To limit how long conversations are saved, click an option on the Delete all conversations pop-up menu.

Save a single conversation

You can save a single conversation in the Conversation History even when you do not set up to save conversations automatically. If you turn Save conversations off, you can still save a single conversation in the Conversation History.

  1. In the conversation window, click Save  Tallenna keskustelu -painike .

  2. Select the options that you want.

    The conversation is saved when you close the conversation window.

View a saved conversation

  1. Sign in to Communicator.

  2. On the View menu, click Conversation History.

  3. In the navigation pane, click All Archived Messages, and then click a contact.

  4. On the right side, click the date of the conversation.


    • To search through the Conversation History, click the folder in the navigation pane that you want to search in. Type a word or phrase in the Search box. Conversations that contain the search term appear in the upper-right pane.

    • To delete a conversation from the Conversation History, select the conversation, and then click Delete  Poista keskustelu -painike .

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