Prepare to broadcast your presentation

With PowerPoint 2011, you can broadcast your slide show to anyone, anywhere, over the Internet. You send a link (URL) to your audience, and then your audience follows along in their browsers while you present the slide show in PowerPoint. Everyone you invited watches a synchronized view of your slide show in their browser. During the broadcast, you can pause the slide show at any time, resend the URL to attendees, or switch to another application without interrupting the broadcast or displaying your desktop to attendees.

Tärkeää: To broadcast your slide show, you can use the Microsoft PowerPoint Broadcast Service with a Windows Live ID or you can add your own configured broadcast server, such as SharePoint server, to host slide shows. Anyone can view slide shows hosted on the PowerPoint Broadcast Service, but only those with access to a site or service on a configured broadcast server can view slide shows on that site.

Here are some things to consider before you broadcast your presentation:

  • Internet connection     You need to be connected to the Internet to use this feature.

  • Supported browsers     The broadcast slide show feature can be viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

  • File size limits     The service you use might impose a limit on the file size for broadcasted slide shows.

Some PowerPoint features change when the slide show is broadcast online:

  • Any transitions in your presentation are shown as Fade transitions in the browser.

  • Screen savers and e-mail pop-ups that display on the viewer's computer can disrupt the audience's view of the slide show.

  • Audio (sounds, narration) is not transmitted to the audience through the browser.

  • You can draw pen annotations on the slide show during the presentation, but they are not transmitted to the audience through the browser.

  • If you follow a hyperlink in your presentation to a Web site, the attendees see only the last slide that you showed in the original presentation.

  • If you play a movie in your presentation, the browser does not show it to the audience.

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