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Share a project in Project for the web

Learn how to share a project with people in your organization when using Project for the web.

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Project for the web uses Office 365 groups for sharing. You can either share your project to an existing group that you own, or create a new one.

Share to a group when you first assign a task

The most common scenario in which you need to share to an Office 365 group is when you first need to assign a user to a task in your project.

  1. In the task you want to assign, in the Assign to column, click the select user icon.

    Assign User
  2. In the search box, begin typing the name of the user that you want to assign to the task, then select the user from the search results when it displays.

  3. In the First, connect your user to a group screen, you can choose to add the user to a new group that you create for the project, or add the user to an existing group that you own that you want to assign to the project.

    • To create a new group, select the Create group tab, type a group name, and click Create and Assign.

    • To add an existing group, select the Add to a group tab, select the group from the list of groups that you own, and click Add and assign.

  4. The user will then display as being assigned to the task.

As you assign additional users to task in the project, you will be prompted with a message stating that they will be added to the group if they are not already a member.

Share to a group before you assign tasks

You can also choose to share your project to an Office 365 group prior to assigning anyone to tasks. For example, you might know which users who will be working on your project, but not who to assign to specific tasks yet.

  1. In your project, click Group members in the top right corner.

  2. Type the name you want to give your project, and then click Next.

  3. On the Group screen, you can either choose to create a new group for your project, or select an existing group that you own:

    • If you want to create a new group for your project, select Create group, search for and add members you want to add to the group, and then click Create.

    • If you want to add an existing group that you own, select Add to a group, select your group you want to add from the list, and then click Add.

Note that the number of users that are members in the group will display on the Group members button.

Know what Office 365 group membership gives your user access to

Be aware of the effects of adding a user to an Office 365 group for your project. Group membership means that users will not only be able to see the project, but also access everything else a group member is entitled to, even information not related to Project for the web. This includes shared group email, and shared workspace for conversations, files, and calendar events. Know what your new members have access to, especially in the case where you are sharing the project to an existing group that you own, and you are adding users to it in Project for the web.

You can see your Office 365 group properties in Outlook by clicking on the Group members button and clicking on the group name.

For more information about Office 365 groups, see Learn about Office 365 Groups.

Assign a task to a non-user resource

You can assign a task to a non-user resource (for example, equipment you need for the task, a contractor who is not a part of your org, or a conference room). As long as they are available as resources in your organization, they can be assigned to a task. Note that they do not need to be added to the project's Office 365 group in order to be assigned to a task.

Note: For learn how to add a non-user resource, see Add a non-user resource in Project for the web.

What if my project's Office 365 group has been deleted?

If the Office 365 group you have associated with your project has been deleted for some reason, members of that group will no longer be able to access the project. If the group has been deleted less than 30 days ago, the group owner canrestore the group, which will allow its members to access the project.

If the group was deleted more than 30 days ago, the group is not recoverable and you will need an admin in your tenant to assist you in giving you access to the project.

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