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Page does not have links

This page is part of a Web publication and does not contain any links to other pages. When this publication is published to the Web, a visitor to this page will have no way of leaving it to go to another page on the Web, except by clicking the Web browser's Back button. This may be frustrating for visitors to your website.

Note: If you click Go to this Item or Add Navigation Bar to this Page, the entire page will be displayed at 10 percent or 11 percent of its original size — depending on your screen resolution and window size. You can change this by changing the Zoom percentage.

Note: The ability to create new Web publications has been removed in Microsoft Publisher 2010 and later versions. However, if you open an existing Web publication a Web tab will appear on the ribbon giving you access to Web tools for updating the existing Web publication.

Automatic fix

Add Navigation Bar to this Page      Click this fix to open the Design Gallery dialog box, and then do the following:

  1. Click the navigation bar that you want to insert.

  2. Click Insert Object.

  3. Drag the navigation bar object to the location that you want.

Tip: If you resize the Design Gallery dialog box, you can see both the Design Gallery dialog box and your publication at the same time.

Manual fix

  1. Click Web > Navigation Bar to open the Building Block Library.

  2. Select the navigation bar object you want and then click Insert.

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