Work like a network with Yammer

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Work like a network with Yammer

Yammer is a private social network that gets you connected to the right people, share information across teams, and organize around groups. What’s more, using the Yammer network helps build a body of knowledge that’s instantly accessible by any coworker at any time and from any device.

Get going fast

1. Signing in to the Yammer network

Set up your account so you can start using Yammer to communicate, collaborate and share information.

2. Editing your Yammer profile

Your Yammer profile helps coworkers learn more about you and your work experience, while helping them put a face to a name.

Your first days

3. Accentuate the positive

Right away, you can have an impact on your social network by voicing agreement and praise for content and coworkers.

4. Following along

Following topics and people are another easy way to build up your personal storehouse of knowledge that matters most to you.

5. Joining a group

Groups are a great way to get work done with a team or to stay informed about a topic.

6. Participating in a Group

Replying to conversations and posting messages is the essence of using Yammer.

7. Finding answers fast

Answer those tough questions by searching for people and content, and read your feed, which is your personal information hub.

8. Keep it going

Don’t lose momentum now; get into the habit of using Yammer every day.