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You can see profile information on profile cards across Office 365 apps and services, and in Delve. To see a profile card, just hover over or select someone's name or their profile picture. Here's an example of the profile card in Outlook on the web:

Profile card in Outlook on the web

Where does the profile card show up?

The profile card is available in:

  • Cortana

  • Dynamics 365 for Talent

  • Office 2016 apps

  • OneDrive for Business


  • Outlook mobile for Android and iOS

  • Outlook on the web

  • SharePoint for iOS

  • SharePoint Online

In OneDrive for Business, Outlook on the web, and SharePoint Online, you can click a section title on the card (Contact, Organization, Files…) to see more information.

Profile card in Outlook on the web - expanded view

What can others see on my profile?

Others can see information such as:

  • Your profile picture

  • Contact information

  • Organizational info, such as who your manager is

  • Recent emails between you and the person looking at your profile

  • Recent files you’ve shared in OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, or Outlook on the web with the person looking at your profile

  • LinkedIn information

Who can see my documents?

Others will only see documents they already have access to in Office 365. Only you can see your private documents on your profile unless you decide to share them.

How do I know if a document is private or shared?

On your profile card, your shared documents have a ‘people’ icon Profile card shared icon next to them. You will see the icon next to documents that you have created or modified and that others have access to.

In Delve, your private documents are marked with a padlock icon. For more information, see Are my documents safe in Office Delve?

The padlock shows that only you can see the document

How can I update my profile information?

To update your information in Office 365, you can:

  • Open your profile card and select Update your profile

  • Go to Delve > Me > Update profile

  • Go to Outlook for PC > File > Office Account > About Me

  1. Update your information as desired. For example, write a few words about yourself in the About me box, add projects you've worked on, and add skills and expertise.

    The profile information you can change has a pencil icon Click the pencil to change the information next to it. Click the pencil to edit.

  2. The information that's shared with everyone has a globe icon The globe shows that everyone can see the information next to it. For some details, you can click the globe icon and choose Only you can see this to keep the information private.

How can I change my profile picture?

To change your profile picture in Office 365, you can:

  • Open your profile card and select Update your profile

  • Go to Delve > Me > Update profile

  1. Click the camera icon next to your profile picture.

  2. Depending on your setup the next steps may vary slightly:

    If you see the Edit details page:

    • Click Change your photo. You may have to sign in to your work or school account.

    • Click Upload photo, and then choose a file to upload.

    • Save and close to go back to your profile.

    If you see the Change your profile photo window:

    • Click Upload a new photo, and then choose a file to upload.

    • If you want to reposition the photo, click inside the circle and drag the pointer. To zoom in or out, use the slider below the photo

    • Click Set as profile photo and then Close.

Why can't I change all my profile information?

Some information in your profile, such as your name or title, may be collected from other systems that your IT or human resources department control. If you want to update those details, contact the relevant department or your admin. For more information, see Who should I contact if I need to change my information in Office 365?

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