Write an equation or formula

  1. Press the Alt and the = key at the same time, and then select a structure from the gallery on the Equation Tools - Design tab.

  2. In the structure, replace the placeholders with your own values and with the available symbols.

Tips:  If you have a touch screen device, try hand-writing your math.

  1. Go to Draw > Ink to Math.

  2. Write your equation, and choose Insert.

Picking a symbol (Pi) for a placeholder in an equation structure

To insert common equations like the Pythagorean theorem or the area of a circle, go to the Insert tab, and then select the arrow next to Equation.

Select the arrow next to Equation for a list of common equations

On any equation, select Equation Options to switch between displays -- for the current equation, or for all equations in the document.

  • Professional displays the equation in a built-up format.

  • Linear displays the equation's source text UnicodeMath, LaTeX, or text, which might be faster for you to edit than the Professional format.

    This is a subscriber-only feature LaTeX math format is available to Office 365 subscribers only.

Professional and Linear Options screen
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