Word or Publisher: Choose the best tool for the job

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Word has many strengths...

For many of us, Microsoft Office Word is the air that we breathe. We use word processing programs to accomplish nearly every task we perform on a computer, from letters and memos to longer documents, such as legal publications and research papers.

However, a word processor, even one as multi-faceted and robust as Word, is not designed to easily create the more graphical and layout intensive publications required for professional-looking business and marketing communications.

...and so does Publisher!

Microsoft Office Publisher is designed to provide flexible and precise page layout and design, with the additional advantages of design assistance and automation.

Publisher also has tools and features that help you efficiently create, customize, and reuse a wide variety of marketing communications materials tailored to your specific needs.

These tools and features include:

  • Master Design Sets for Brand Coordination

  • Commercial Printing Support

  • Posters, Banners, Brochures, and Flyers

  • Mail and Catalog Merge Wizard

  • Design Checker

At a glance

Word and Publisher were designed to provide specific document and content solutions. You'll save time if you choose the application designed specifically for the tasks you're trying to accomplish.

If you want to create

Use this program


Graphically rich print and e-mail newsletters


Precise control over positioning text with images and other design elements.

Graphically rich catalogs


Pre-designed catalog publications and the Mail and Catalog Merge Wizard.

Sophisticated tools for creating graphically rich publications


Identify and correct unintended desktop, commercial print, Web, and e-mail problems using the improved Design Checker. Choose from more than 70 designer-created color schemes, or create one of your own. If you're using PANTONE® colors, choose them within Office Publisher 2007. Use the enhanced Catalog Merge to produce frequently updated materials such as datasheets, catalogs, or price lists by merging text and images from a database.

Greeting cards


Greeting card types and designs you can customize for all your business and personal needs.

Consistently branded business communications and marketing materials


Master Design Sets that create a coordinated look and feel for your company letterhead, business cards, brochures, and labels. Save time and effort by storing frequently used text, design elements, and graphics in the new Content Store to use in other Publisher publications.

Posters or banners


Poster and banner designs with easy width and height choices to match your needs.

3 or 4- panel brochures or flyers


Many designs to choose from with optional space for customer addresses, and order, response, or sign-up forms.

Business cards


Design types to match all of your business communications and marketing materials.

Design publications to be commercially printed


Support for large jobs that require the services of a commercial printer, including composite CMYK PostScript output and advanced print settings for better color separations.

Documents with a table of contents and index


Indexing and table of contents features allow you to create a professional published document.

Long documents


Features specific to research papers, business plans, or other longer documents including page numbering, footnotes, endnotes, and annotations.

Legal documents


Legal document support with features such as line numbering, restricted access to sensitive documents, and checks for hidden text.

Short, simple documents (memos or letters)


Templates and Wizards that allow you to choose style and function, as well as content for the documents you write every day.

Document sharing and collaboration


Document Workspaces allow colleagues to work together on documents by using task lists, using links to resource materials, and storing related or supporting documents in a document library.

Handwritten notes and comments


With Tablet PC ink features, you can take handwritten notes or mark up Word documents.

Documents with XML support


The Extensible Markup Language (XML) feature saves hours by allowing creation of document elements that are both searchable and reusable.

Documents requiring review or editing


Change tracking, inline comments, side-by-side compare, compare and merge, compare versions, and text highlighter features support document revision and collaboration.

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