Why can't I sharpen a picture?

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is the Microsoft Office System tool that you can use to manage, edit, and share your pictures. It doesn't support all the editing features that were supported in Microsoft Photo Editor, such as the ability to sharpen a picture.

For a broad range of picture-editing options, your best bet is to work with a photo-editing program, such as Microsoft Digital Image Pro. Or, if you upgraded to Microsoft Office 2003 from Office XP, you can reinstall Photo Editor from your Microsoft Office XP CD-ROM.

Editing features that are not supported by Picture Manager

The following features that were available in Photo Editor are not available in Picture Manager. You can find these features in most photo-editing programs, such as Microsoft Digital Image Pro.

Effects    Sharpen, Soften, Negative, Despeckle, Posterize, Edge, Chalk and Charcoal, Emboss, Graphic Pen, Notepaper, Watercolor, Stained Glass, Stamp, Texturizer.

Tools    Smudge, Sharpen, Set Transparent Color.

Image Acquisition    You cannot create a new image from a scanner or camera. (In Microsoft Windows XP, the ability to create a new image from a scanner or camera is built into Microsoft Windows Explorer.)

Image    Fewer color correction options are available in Picture Manager than were available in Photo Editor. Specifically, there is no Gamma adjustment, and you cannot apply corrections to only one of the three color components, red-green-blue (RGB).

Properties    You cannot explicitly specify the dots per inch (dpi) of the the image resolution or the color depth of images.

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