What's new in Outlook 2016 for Windows?

What's new in Outlook 2016 for Windows?

As an Office 365 subscriber, you get new and improved Outlook 2016 features regularly. Take a look below to see what's available to you today. 

Latest updates for Outlook for Windows

See what's new and improved in the March 2018 feature update, Version 1803 (Build 9126.2116).

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Create a group with fewer clicks

Creating a group is easier than ever. Just provide the basic information and we'll take care of the rest.


Inbox in the background and Create Group dialog box in the foreground

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New Office 365 features are sometimes rolled out over a period of time to all subscribers.

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What's new in Office 2016?

Latest updates for Outlook Insiders

Keep reading to see what's new in Version 1804 (Build 9226.xxxx) for Insiders, then tell us what you think. Your early feedback is invaluable, so keep it coming! Find your Office version

Read Aloud icon on the left and a message with highlighted text

Listen to your emails

When multitasking is in order, let Outlook read your email messages aloud. Now you can keep up with your email while doing other tasks, too.


Mark messages as read when deleted check box in Outlook OPtions dialog box

Mark emails as read when deleting

If your Deleted Items folder includes unread items, there's now a quick fix to make sure all deleted messages are marked as read.


Word document with Reminder dialog box on top of it

Never miss a reminder

Set your reminders to pop up over the windows you're working in. If you prefer something more subtle, Outlook will flash in the taskbar to get your attention.


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Where to send feedback

We'd love to hear your thoughts about what works, what doesn't, and where you think we can improve. To report issues or send feedback, click File > Feedback from any Office 2016 app. You can also reach us by posting in the Office Insider community or tweeting at @OfficeInsider.

Previous releases

See what's new and improved in the July 2017 feature update, Version 1707 (Build 8326.2058).
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Automatic download of cloud attachments

When you drag and drop OneDrive attachments from an email message to your computer, we download a copy of the attachment files for you.

Audio cues guide you as you work

Audio cues are sound effects that notify you when options on the screen change, or confirm that an action has taken place, such as an email being sent or received. You can find these and other accessibility tools on the Ease of Access tab in File > Options.


See what's new and improved in the June 2017 feature update, Version 1706 (Build 8229.2073) .
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Focused Inbox

Focused Inbox helps you focus on the emails that matter most to you. It separates your inbox into two tabs—Focused and Other. Your most important emails are on the Focused tab while the rest remain easily accessible—but out of the way—on the Other tab. You’ll be informed about email flowing to Other, and you can switch between tabs at any time to take a quick look.


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See what's new and improved in the May 2017 feature update, Version 1705 (Build 8229.2017).
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Set permissions on OneDrive email attachments

If you send a link to an attachment stored on OneDrive, you now have more control over who can read or who can edit your attachment. You can allow anyone in your organization to read or edit the attachment or limit access just to the recipient. If you try to send an attachment stored on a SharePoint online site and your recipient won't have access to the attachment due to permissions restrictions, Outlook will warn you and suggest you attach a copy of the attachment instead.


See what's new and improved in the May 2017 feature update, Version 1703 (Build 7967.2073).
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Introducing the Dubai Font

Try the latest high-quality font family, optimized for legibility, and supporting Arabic and Western European languages.


See what's new and improved in the February 2017 feature update, Version 1701 (Build 7766.2060).

Add guests to your Office 365 Group

If you regularly collaborate with partners who are outside of your school or organization then you know how difficult it can be to keep them in the loop. That process just got easier with guest access. When you add guests to your Office 365 group, you grant them access to all information within the group, including conversations, calendar, project notes, and so on. They receive all communications in their inbox and can open and edit file attachments just like any other group member.


Use your pen to manipulate objects

See what's new and improved in the January 2016 feature update, Version 1701 (Build 7766.2060).

Collaborate on attachments in real time

Quickly view who has made changes in workbooks that are shared, and easily restore earlier versions.With OneDrive, you can upload an refreshed version of an email attachment at any time. Use the drop-down menu on the attachment to either upload a revised version or save a new version.


View historical versions of Office files

Keep your Outlook add-in open while you work

Word Learning Tools

Many Outlook add-ins, such as Outlook Customer Manager, offer a task pane on the right side of the Outlook window. However, when you wanted to return to Outlook, that task pane would disappear. Now, you can keep that task pane open all the time, even when you're not working in the add-in.

See what's new and improved in the December 2016 feature update, Version 1612 (Build 7668.2066)Version 1611 (Build 7571.2072).

Easier background removal

Word Learning Tools

We've made it easier to remove and edit the background of a picture. Outlook automatically detects the general background area; you no longer have to draw a rectangle around the foreground of your picture. The pencil for marking areas to keep or remove can now draw free-form lines, rather than being limited to straight lines.


Icon library

Add visual impact to your documents by inserting icons. Choose from a variety 500+ icons such as people, technology, education, sports, and more.

Office Icon Library

Quickly save to recent folders

This feature was highly requested by our customers: Go to File > Save As > Recent, and you’ll see a list of recently accessed folders that you can save to.

See what's new and improved in the October 2016 feature update, Version 1610 (Build 7466.2038).

Events from email

Outlook can now automatically create events from email messages you receive with flight, hotel, or car reservations or package delivery and tracking information. No more booking a flight and then adding the flight details to your calendar manually. All events created are marked private, so only you can see them.


Modern In-App Help & Support

The Tell Me what you want to do box at the top of the Ribbon has been updated with improved search, content and recommendations to answer your questions better and fast. Now when you enter a search for a certain task, function or question you'll see a wide variety of options. If it's a quick task Outlook will try to let you take care of it right from the Tell Me pane. If it's a more complex question, we'll show you help that we think best matches your needs. Try it out to see how fast you can find what you're looking for and get things done.

Type what you'd like to do into the Tell Me box in Outlook and Tell Me will help you with that task

Have an idea?

You can now suggest and vote on future feature ideas right from Outlook by clicking File > Feedback > Suggest a feature.

Browse and create groups from the ribbon

It's now even easier to browse and create groups in Outlook 2016 because two new buttons are available on the ribbon.

New Group and Browse Groups buttons on the ribbon

You'll find both buttons on the Home tab of the groups ribbon.


See what's new and improved in the September 2016 feature update, Version 1609 (Build 7369.2024).

Outlook 2016 groups (Office 365 work or school account)

With Outlook 2016 you can use Groups instead of distribution lists to communicate and collaborate with your team members.

Groups are the better way to collaborate because:

  • You can create groups with a few clicks and organize them around topics and conversations to work with your teams.

  • With Groups in Outlook 2016, teams now have a shared place for all their email conversations with full history, allowing teams to engage with members right from the Group’s inbox, create team events, join existing Groups or create new ones.

    Groups on the left nav bar

  • You can add a group as a favorite just like a folder. Adding a group as a favorite gives you full access to conversation history when you are offline.

    Groups in Favorites

  • Get access to past conversations and history for Groups you have joined or added as a member.

  • Within the Groups shared space, messages are grouped together for each conversation to facilitate quick communication with your team. You can "Like" a message within a conversation and post a quick reply to have a quick back and forth conversations with your team.

    You can also receive social notifications in Outlook when someone "Likes" your message.

  • Schedule meetings on a group calendar that everyone in group can update.

  • You can access a group’s conversation in your Inbox by subscribing to a group. This makes it behave like a distribution list. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

  • Manage groups from Outlook by adding or removing members.


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