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Excel Online is Excel, but in your web browser! You can access it from any device, anywhere. And better yet: It's free for your personal use. (If you need to use it for a business, you can access it with an Office 365 subscription.)

With new features constantly coming in, Excel Online is quickly becoming as powerful as its desktop equivalent.

  • Create spreadsheets and share them with your peers at work and school. Collaborate with others in real time while communicating via built-in comments and chat.

  • Organize & analyze your data as you would in Excel desktop application. Turn columns of numbers into valuable insights by building PivotTables, modern charts and smart tools.

  • Create surveys and polls and watch the results fill your Excel workbook automatically. Then, analyze the results in all-familiar Excel ways. All without ever leaving your browser!

What's New?

Insert PivotChart (more info)

Paste Transpose (more info)

Apply colors to cell borders (more info)

Sort by multiple columns or rows (more info)

Remove duplicate values (more info)

Insert PivotTable (more info)

Insert & edit shape (more info)

Insert connectors

Insert image (more info)

Data validation (more info)

Duplicate sheet (more info)

Color sheet tab (more info)

Open workbooks in edit mode by default, for SharePoint Online only (more info)

Reference a cell in another sheet

Insert, delete a table row or column (more info)

Insert copied cells

Cut, copy, and paste plain text across workbooks

Cut, copy and paste of an image, shape, chart or equation (in same workbook)

Display named ranges (more info)

Colored references in formulas (more info)

F4 keyboard shortcut, which cycles through absolute and relative references in formulas

Outline (Group/Ungroup) rows/columns (more info)

Freeze Panes (more info)

Conditional formatting (more info)

Increase and decrease font size

Set the width or height of columns and rows


Additional border types

Strikethrough text

Increase or decrease indent

Shapes rotation

Render grouped objects

The following features are being considered or are currently being developed for Excel Online. Although we list them here, we cannot guarantee a date in which they will be available for use.

Ideas (more info)

Simplified Ribbon (SLR) (more info)

Dynamic Arrays (more info)

New Data Types (more info)

Templates, to get you started

Take a tour

Take a Tour

Template: Family Budget

Family Budget

Template: Task List

Track My Tasks

More Excel templates here

Suggest a Feature

Now you can influence Excel Online! With Excel UserVoice you can suggest new features for the upcoming versions of Excel Online, or look at existing suggestions and vote for your favorites! We will do our best to respond and will strive to satisfy those requests that get votes.

User Voice Features


Learning Excel Online

Learning Excel Online

Office Online Essential Training

Office Online essential training


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Insert Pivot Tables in Excel Online
Insert Pivot Tables in Excel Online
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Forms for Excel, powered by Microsoft Forms, has replaced Excel Survey. This update comes with a modern experience to make it simple and easy to collect information from users. 
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For Developers

Please follow this link for an overview of how to get started with Office Development.

If you want to develop add-ins that will work for Excel Online and other Excel endpoints (cross-platform), please follow Office Add-ins platform overview and Develop Excel add-in.

If you want to create scripts that would operate on Excel workbooks stored in the cloud, please use our Graph Service (REST APIs). Excel-specific stuff here.

You can view and influence the extensibility roadmap from this page. We encourage you to review and comment on the new and planned APIs.

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