What's new in Excel for Office 365

What's new in Excel for Office 365

As an Office 365 subscriber, you regularly get new and improved Office features. Take a look below to see what's available to you today.

Latest updates for Excel for Windows Desktop

See what's new in the November update, Version 18.11 (11029.20079). Find your Office version

Worksheet on the left and Ideas pane on the right

Discover more about your data

The new Ideas button looks for patterns in your data, and uses them to create intelligent, personalized suggestions.


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When do I get new features?
New Office 365 features are sometimes rolled out over a period of time to all subscribers.

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Get information about all the channel releases for Office 365 client applications.

Latest releases

New for non-subscribers
Not an Office 365 subscriber but using Office 2016 or Office 2019? Find out what's available in your version.

What's new in Office 2016? What's new in Office 2019?

Latest updates for Excel Insiders

There's nothing new for Insiders in the December release, Version 1812 (Build 11126.20074). Check back again soon!
Find your Office version

Update to the latest build

If you're enrolled in the Monthly Channel (Targeted) level, you get a new Office for Windows desktop feature update approximately once a month, plus subsequent updates containing important fixes or security updates. To install an update manually, click File > Account > Update Options > Update Now.

For a history of recent updates, and to check if you have the latest version installed, see Update history for the Monthly Channel (Targeted) level.

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See what's new in the October update, Version 18.10 (11001.20074).

Slide with transparency options on the Format tab

Reveal what's behind a picture

Put a picture on a slide, worksheet, document, or message, pick a pre-set, and watch the transparency change. That's it!


See what's new in the September update Version 1809 (Build 10827.20138).

Monitor showing a worksheet with a speedometer in the lower right corner

Speedy lookup

Get your answers faster with super-charged VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and MATCH functions.


Updated visuals on the ribbon for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

Your ribbon icons have a new look

Don't worry, everything works the same. Plus all of the icons look great on screens of all sizes.


See what's new and improved in the June feature update Version 1806 (Build 10228.20080).

Word document with chat window

Chat with co-authors while you edit

Collaborate more effectively by chatting with your co-authors without leaving the app.


Computer screen with document on the left and Accessibility visual with a check mark on the right

One-click fixes for accessibility issues

The Accessibility Checker is better than ever with updated support for international standards and handy recommendations to make your documents more accessible.


Slide with examples of SVG filters

Add visual impact

Bring visual interest to your documents, worksheets, and presentations by inserting Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) that have filters applied to them.


See what's new and improved in the March 2018 feature update, Version 1803 (Build 9126.2156).
Find your Office version

Translator button, and one word in English and its translation in French

Break the language barrier

Translate words, phrases or sentences to another language with Microsoft Translator. You can do this from the Review tab in the ribbon.


See what's new and improved in the January 2018 feature update, Version 1801 (Build 9001.2138).
Find your Office version

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Precision selecting

Ever selected too many cells or the wrong ones? You can now deselect extraneous cells without having to start over.

New in: Excel


See what's new and improved in the December 2017 feature update, Version 1712 (Build 8827.2148).
Find your Office version.

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Convert SVG icons to shapes

Transform all SVG pictures and icons into Office shapes so you can change their color, size, or texture.


See what's new and improved in the October 2017 feature update, Version 1710 (Build 8625.2121).
Find your Office version

Digital Pencil

Blue pencil

Write or sketch out ideas with our new pencil texture.


Learn with the new Office Training Center

Home page of the Office Training Center with icons for the different Office apps and tiles for available content types

Do more with Excel using new templates, tips, and guides - all in the new Office Training Center.


See what's new and improved in the August 2017 feature update, Version 1708 (Build 8431.2079).
Find your Office version

Insert 3D models to see all the angles

Use 3D to increase the visual and creative impact of your workbooks. Easily insert a 3D model, then you can rotate it through 360 degrees.

Download a template and give the feature a try!


3D model showing rotation handles

Work faster. Get more done.

Excel and worksheet icons with lightbulb

Bring on those complex workbooks with multiple sheets. Excel opens them faster, so you can crunch formulas with large ranges, filter lots of rows, or copy and paste quicker.

New ink effects

Pen dropdown showing Ink Effects

Express your ideas with flair using metallic pens and ink effects like rainbow, galaxy, lava, ocean, gold, silver, and more.


See what's new and improved in the July 2017 feature update, Version 1707 (Build 8326.2058).
Find your Office version.

Collaborative editing

People icons, When others are co-authoring, they'll show up here

Work with others at the same time in your workbook. You and your colleagues can open and work on the same Excel workbook. This is called co-authoring. When you co-author, you can see each other's changes quickly — in a matter of seconds.


Excel saves for you

Title bar in Excel showing AutoSave toggle

Changes are saved automatically for workbooks stored in the cloud, and you can see others’ updates in seconds. Save your files to OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint Online.


Helpful sounds improve accessibility

Partial view of Excel's Ease of Access Settings

Turn on audio cues to guide you as you work. Find it in Options > Ease of Access. No add-in needed.


See what's new and improved in the June 2017 feature update, Version 1706 (Build 8229.2073).
Find your Office version.

Customizable, portable pen set

Pen gallery

Create a personal set of pens to suit your needs. Office remembers your pen set in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint across all your Windows devices.


Quick access to superscript and subscript

Quick Access Toolbar showing superscript and subscript commands

Keep the superscript and subscript commands at your fingertips by adding them to the Ribbon or Quick Access Toolbar.


Updates for Get & Transform and the Power Query add-in

  • More enhancements when you add a column from examples: In the Query Editor, Column from Examples has been improved to support suggestions, more Date/Time operations, and additional transformations.

  • New Azure Data Lake Store connector: We're always working to add new connectors. Now you can import data from an Azure Data Lake Store analytics service.

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