What's in the troubleshooting diagnostics logs?

If you've experienced a problem in a Microsoft Office application and are sending feedback, you have the option of including your diagnostic logs, by checking the Attach my logs to help troubleshoot box, as shown in the example below:

example screenshot of dialog or panel asking for permission to attach logs

The data in those logs is used to diagnose, and hopefully fix, the problem you're having. In this article we'll explain what you're sending to us as part of those logs.

What data do we receive?

When you click the I don't like something feedback tool, you'll have the option to send your diagnostics logs along with your feedback. The diagnostics logs contain information about application workflow, from this specific application, during the minute or so preceding the clicking of I don't like something. For example if you print a document, the logs might contain information about how many pages were printed, what size of paper they were printed on, and if they were printed duplex or single-sided; but the logs wouldn't contain any of the actual content that was printed.

The diagnostics logs contain the following fields for each logged event:





The date and time of the particular event being logged.

6/13/2018 17:45:54


The name of the app where the event occurred, accompanied by a numerical ID that clarifies, if there are multiple instances of the app running, which one this event is from.

EXCEL 0x2d14


Thread ID. An ID number that identifies the specific thread in the app which correlates to this event in the process.



The long name of the app this event occurred in.

Microsoft Excel


The internal component, within the application, that is associated with this event.

Telemetry Event


A unique ID that identifies a single event in the log.



Indicates how significant this specific event is likely to be in the error report.



The actual event message.

SendEvent {"EventName": "Office.Excel.DynamicDpi.DynamicDpiTelemetry", "Flags": 16843009, "InternalSequenceNumber": 28, "Time": "2018-06-14T00:45:53Z", "Data.MonitorDpi": 96, "Data.SystemDpi": 96}


A unique identifier used to correlate events within the logs.


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