View properties of a site collection

As a global or SharePoint admin in Office 365, you can view information about classic site collections by going to the SharePoint admin center. This specific information includes a list of site administrators, the number of subsites, storage usage and quota, and the default URL and title.

To view information about communication sites and team sites that belong to Office 365 groups, you need to use the new SharePoint admin center preview or PowerShell. For info, see Manage sites in the new SharePoint admin center or Manage team sites and communication sites by using PowerShell.

View properties of a classic site collection in the classic SharePoint admin center

  1. Sign in to Office 365 as a global admin or SharePoint admin.

  2. Select the app launcher icon The app launcher icon in Office 365 in the upper-left and choose Admin to open the Office 365 admin center. (If you don't see the Admin tile, you don't have Office 365 administrator permissions in your organization.)

  3. In the left pane, choose Admin centers > SharePoint.

  4. In the left pane, select site collections.

  5. Click the site to display the Site Collection Properties page.

Description of properties




Name of the site collection.

Web Site Address

URL of the top-level site in the site collection (also known as the root site collection).

Primary Administrator

The primary administrator for this site collection.

(This user’s name may be displayed in a form of Claims syntax—for example: i:0#.f|membership|


All administrators for this site collection.

(This user’s name may be displayed in a form of Claims syntax— for example: i:0#.f|membership|

Number of Subsites

Number of subsites under this site collection.

Storage Usage

Size in megabytes (MB) of the site collection.

Storage Quota

Storage space in MB that is allocated to the site collection. If you use automatic site collection storage management, the default is 25 TB.

Storage Warning Level

The value at which the site collection administrator will be sent an email notification that site collection storage usage is approaching its quota. Not Set indicates that no warning level has been set.

Resource Usage

This is no longer used

Server Resource Quota

This is no longer used

Resource Usage Warning Level

This is no longer used

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