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Microsoft Office automatically saves versions of your SharePoint, OneDrive, and OneDrive for Business files while you’re working on them. These versions allow you to look back and understand how your files evolved over time and allow you to restore older versions in case you have made a mistake.

Note: If you're on the semi-annual channel for Office updates you may not see the same Version History features yet. Not sure which version of Office you're on? See What version of Office am I using?

Version history in Office only works for files stored in OneDrive or SharePoint Online. If you don't see this option it's possible your file is stored in a different service or on a local device.

To view historical versions

  1. Open the file you were working on.

  2. Click the File > Info and select View and restore previous versions

    The Manage Versions button lets you restore earlier versions of your document
  3. The Version history tab will open. Click a version to open and view it in a separate window.

  1. Open the file you were working on.

  2. Click File > History > View and restore previous versions.

    View version history

    Note: If you don't see History on your navigation pane it's possible that you actually have a subscription version of Office. Click the Info button on the navigation pane and see if you can access Version History there.

  3. Click a version to open and view it in a separate window.

  1. Open the file you were working on.

  2. If you're using Office 365 for Mac click the name of the document on the title bar of the application, then select "Browse Version History".

    Clicking the document title allows you to rename the file or see version history

    If you're using Office 2016 or 2019 for Mac, click File > Browse Version History.

  3. Select a version to open and view it in a separate window.

  1. Open the file you want to restore, if it isnʻt already open.

  2. Tap the File button File button towards the top left.

  3. Tap History.

  4. Choose a version from the History pane that opens at left to open it.

If the file you want to restore isn't already open

  1. Select the file you want to restore in the OneDrive files list in your browser.

  2. Click Version History on the ribbon towards the top of the screen.

    The version history button on the ribbon in OneDrive

If you want to restore a file you have open in the app

  1. Select the File tab

  2. Go to the Info group

    The Info tab of Office Online showing the Version History item.
  3. Select Version History

To restore a prior version

With the version you want to restore open in your application, click Restore in the message bar at the top of the opened version.

Restore will save your current file as a new version and then replace your current file with the contents of the version you chose to restore.

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