View download and export query results

This topic describes the various ways that you can view, download, and export Workplace Analytics query results.

The Results tab in Queries lists all the queries that have been run for your organization. You can switch between My results and All results.

In addition to seeing basic information about each query, you can view query results, download query results as a .csv file, and get a link that enables you to access and use the data from within Power BI.

To view query results

  • For the query you want, click View.

Use Workplace Analytics data in other data analysis tools

You can use data from your queries in other data analysis tools to do further analysis and create reports. Workplace Analytics gives you two options, download data as a .csv file, or get a link to an OData feed that you can use in Power BI.

To download and then import query results as a .csv file

  1. For the query you want, click Download.

  2. Import the .csv file into the tool that you want.

To get an OData feed link that you can use in Power BI

  1. For the query you want, click Copy link.

  2. Type or paste the URL into the OData feed box in Power BI.

  3. When prompted in Power BI, sign in your Workplace Analytics organizational account. You must have the Analyst role in Workplace Analytics.

    When you create Workplace Analytics data reports in Power BI, you can share those reports with co-workers, but they will not have access to the raw data.


  • The data in the OData feed is static, so if you want new or different data, you will need to run a new query and get a new corresponding OData feed link.

  • The OData link is not available (the Copy link option will be greyed out) for query results created prior to the implementation of this feature.

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