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Conversations in channels can be seen and searched for by the entire team. You can participate in conversations, like or save important ones, mention specific people so they see your message, and even edit a file that’s been added to the conversation.

Reply to a message

  • Select Select to reply to a conversation. Reply, add your response, and press Enter.

Like or save a message

  • Select Select to like an item. next to a message to show you liked it.

  • Select Select to save a message. to save a message for later. Select your picture to see your saved messages.

Start a new conversation in a channel

  • Enter your message in the Start a new conversation box, and press Enter.

Get someone's attention in the channel

  • Type Select to start an "at mention." in front of a team member’s name while you're creating a message to include them in the conversation. The person will receive an @mention notice. You can @mention a team or channel, if your admin enables it.

See where you've been mentioned

  • Look for the circle on the left next to Teams and Activity to see the number of times your name has been mentioned in a conversation. 

Co-edit a file

  1. If a document has been uploaded to a conversation or Files, select the file to open it. 

  2. Select Edit, and then select where to edit the file in the app or online.

  3. Select Select to start a chat. to continue the conversation while viewing or co-editing the file. 

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Conversations can go in a lot of different directions. It can be challenging to keep track of and respond to the right things.

In channels, you can post messages and others can leave replies. If you want to reply to someone else's post simply press Reply. These messages will stay grouped together as a single conversation.

This reduces the need for people to always be connected in real time, allowing them to scan multiple conversations and clearly see related messages, even after they’ve been away.

Here's another conversation happening simultaneously in the same channel. You can like messages or save them for later. Saved messages will be kept here.

You can also bring people's attention to a conversation by @mentioning them. Just type the @ symbol before their name. If your team owner has enabled it, you can also mention an entire team or channel.

This red circle will tell you the number of times your name has been mentioned in a particular channel.

Working on documents is a pretty big part of collaboration. 

You can co-edit a file with the conversation alongside it. When you give feedback and make comments, they’ll also appear back in the channel, so no one loses any history.

With this new way of working, conversations can actually accelerate productivity. So let's get talking!

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