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Prevent changes to a diagram

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Protect shapes, layers, or entire diagrams from changes before sharing them with your team.

Lock or unlock shapes

  1. Select File > Options > Advanced, and select Run in developer mode.

  2. Select a shape, and select Developer > Protection.

  3. Select the check boxes for the shape attributes you want to lock.

    Or, clear the check boxes you want to unlock.

  4. Select OK.

Lock or unlock layers

When a layer is locked, shapes can’t be selected, moved, edited, or added. To lock or unlock a layer:

  1. Select Home > Layers > Layer Properties.

  2. Select the Lock check box to lock the layer.

    Or, clear the Lock check box to unlock it.

Prevent changes to the entire diagram

Create a PDF file to share with reviewers.

  1. Select File > Export.

  2. Select Create PDF/XPS.

  3. Select where to store the file.

  4. Select Publish.

Want more?

Prevent changes to a Visio file

Prevent or allow changes to shapes

When your diagram is finished and you want to ensure that others cannot change it, you can protect individual shapes, selected layers, or the entire file.

I have three diagrams for my team to review, but I need to protect parts of them from changes.

There are several shapes in this diagram that I don’t want changed.

To protect them from changes, I need to switch to developer mode.

I go to File, select Options, select Advanced and select Run in developer mode.

I want to prevent changes to the walls, window, and door, because these will be the same in every office.

I select them, go to Home, select Group, and Group them.

Now I go to Developer, select Protection, and select the shape attributes to protect. I want to protect these shapes from being resized, so I select Width and Height.

I also protect them From replacement and From deletion.

Now my team members can move furniture around in the diagram, but the office walls cannot be changed.

In my second diagram, I want to protect my table from changes. I go to Home, select Layers, and select Layer Properties.

The table is on the Land layer, so for that layer I select the Lock checkbox and then select OK.

Now shapes on this layer cannot be selected, moved, or edited, and new shapes cannot be added without unlocking the layer.

For my third diagram, I want to protect the entire thing.

To do that, I go to File, select Export, and select Create PDF/XPS to make a review copy in a format that cannot be edited.

I select Publish to save it.

Now that my diagrams are protected, I can share them with my team knowing that important elements won’t be changed.

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