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Organize your team's tasks

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Learn how add, organize, and assign tasks to your team using Microsoft Planner.

The following procedure describes how to perform these tasks using Outlook on the web.

To create a bucket and add tasks

  1. From the Planner Hub, select your plan.

  2. Select Add new bucket, enter a name for the bucket, and press Enter.

    Note: Don't see Add new bucket? You might have the Board grouped by something else. Select Group by near the top right, and choose Buckets.

  3. Select the plus sign (+) under the bucket name, enter a name for the task, select a due date, and select Assign to assign the task to a team member. Press Enter.

  4. Select the task again to change or add any of its attributes.

  5. Drag a task into a bucket to move it to that bucket.

  6. Drag a team member's portrait from the Member's list onto a task to reassign that task to them.

To view status of all tasks

  1. Select Group by in the Board view to view tasks grouped by Bucket, who they're Assigned to, or by Status (Not started, In progress, Late, or Completed).

  2. Select Charts to view all tasks charted by status and who they're assigned to.

Want more?

Planner help

I can quickly organize and assign all the tasks my team needs to do, using our group’s plan in Microsoft Planner.

I start Planner by selecting the App Launcher, and selecting Planner.

Planner works with Groups. When you create a Group, it creates a Plan in Planner. And when you use Planner to create a new Plan, it creates a Group.

On the Planner hub, I select the plan I want to review. It’s here, in my Favorites list.

I can then see all my team’s tasks on the plan Board.

I’m going to create a new bucket for some tasks my group needs to do. Buckets group related tasks.

I select Add new bucket, and enter its name.

To add a task to the bucket, I select the plus symbol below the bucket title, enter the name of the task in the Type a task name box, and select Set due date to say when the task needs to be completed by.

I can then select Assign to assign the task to a team member.

I then select Add task.

The new task now shows up under the bucket name.

If I want to add more details to the task, I just select it.

For instance, I want to add a document as a starting point for this task, so I select Attach.

The file is already on the OneDrive for the plan.

I can also drag the tasks from other buckets into the new bucket.

This task has already been done. So I’ll select the Task complete checkbox.

I assign a task to a team member by dragging their portrait onto the task.

Team members I assign tasks to receive a group notification they’ve got a new project task.

I can see all the tasks ordered by bucket, who they’re assigned to, or their progress.

And I can view my plan’s progress in Charts view.

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