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You can move or copy a worksheet in the same workbook, or copy a worksheet to another workbook.

Move a worksheet within a workbook

  • Select the worksheet tab, and drag it to where you want it.

    Note: Be aware that calculations or charts that are based on worksheet data might become inaccurate if you move the worksheet.

Copy a worksheet to a new workbook

  1. Right-click the worksheet tab and select Move or Copy.

  2. Check Create a copy.

  3. Under To book, select (new book) or another workbook you have open.

  4. Select OK.

  5. Press CTRL + TAB to go back to the other workbook.

Copy a worksheet in the same workbook

  1. Press CTRL and drag the worksheet tab to the tab location you want, or right-click the worksheet tab and select Move or Copy.

  2. Select the Create a copy checkbox.

  3. Under Before sheet, select where you want to place the copy.

  4. Select OK.

Rename a worksheet tab

  1. Double-click the worksheet tab.

  2. Type a new name.

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Move or copy worksheets or worksheet data

Moving a sheet simply means dragging the sheet tab and putting it before or after other sheets leftward or rightward, wherever we want to put it.

I'm dragging the South sheet leftward, putting it in front of Midwest and there it is, very easy to move a sheet. No commands needed.

I might want to make a copy of one of these sheets.

Maybe what I'd like to do is to create a sheet that has the same layout as all these but I'm going to create some summary formulas there.

How might I create a copy of one of these sheets? Almost the same way.

Now, if you didn't know what I'm about to show you you'd probably, and certainly sensibly, right click the sheet tab and choose Move or Copy.

I doubt very many people use this for moving but for copy not a bad idea.

It's got an added advantage too.

When you copy a sheet, and you do have to check the box below here, not only might you copy it to a different location in this sheet, you could copy it to a new book.

Or if you have other workbooks open you could copy it there, and you'll even have the option of copying it between whichever sheets you want in that other workbook 'cause they will be listed.

Now I simply want to create a copy of this sheet in a new workbook. Click OK.

Remember we're currently viewing 09 - 03 RegionalSales. We're about to see a new workbook.

Top of the screen says Book2, it's got a single sheet in it called Pacific.

So we had right clicked on a sheet tab in the other file, chose Copy, and then New Workbook, and here we are.

I'll press ctrl + tab to go back to the other workbook and here we are.

If you'd like to make a copy of a sheet in the current workbook, we can simply drag a sheet tab left or right with the control key held down.

And there's a tiny plus there. I'll just drag it to the right and let go of the mouse.

Remember the rationale for doing this might be I'm about to create a summary sheet here, these two sheets are identical in all respects except for the name.

So next order of business might be simply rename this, I'll double click and type summary, write some formulas here or just take out this data, and all the other formulas would work eventually correctly.

I'd rename that as well. I'm not doing that here, but it's easy to make a copy of a sheet in the same workbook.

Simply drag the sheet tab with the control key held down you should let go of the mouse first.

We can copy a sheet.

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