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Setting up an old-fashioned face-to-face meeting is still useful, especially when you want to closely collaborate on a whiteboard to create a diagram, such as a flowchart. There a several ways to set up a meeting, but you can quickly do it right from Word 2016. Furthermore, you often want capture a diagram on a whiteboard with your smartphone. Using OneNote and Office Lens on the iPhone, you can easily take the picture and filter it so it’s clear and readable. Once that’s done, you can email it to someone who can turn that rough sketch into a polished Visio diagram.

Set up and conduct a face-to-face meeting

Note: Skype for Business is not currently supported on Mac OS X.

  1. In Word 2016 for Windows, use the IM card in the Share pane to create the meeting.

    Sending a face-to-face email invite
  2. At the end of the meeting, the white board has a final sketch of the process diagram.

    Example of a whiteboard diagram

Take a picture of a whiteboard diagram with an iPhone or iPad

  1. If necessary, install Office Lens from the App store.

  2. Using OneNote, click Plus The iPhone OneNote Plus icon , Photo, and then Take Picture.

  3. When the picture appears, you may see a flash or the picture may be dark.

  4. To clarify the picture with the Whiteboard filter, slide the menu to Whiteboard and retake the picture.

  5. When you are done, click the checkmark in the right hand corner.

Email the picture from the iPhone or iPad

  1. Click More (...), and then click Email Page.

  2. Create a brief email message, and then send it. For example:

    Sending an email with an attached photo

Specific "how to" instructions for your device

  1. If you haven’t already, install Office Lens on your Android phone or tablet.

  2. In the app list, tap Office Lens The Office Lens icon .

  3. If necessary, swipe left until the camera displays.

  4. Tap the current mode, and then tap Whiteboard Whiteboard icon .

  5. To take a picture of the whiteboard diagram, click Camera Camera icon .

  6. To save the image, click Save Save icon , choose a location, and then in the upper right corner, click Check mark Check mark icon .

  7. To email the image, open your email program, attach the file to an email message, and then send it.

  1. If you haven’t already, install Office Lens on your Windows Phone.

  2. In the app list, tap Office Lens The Office Lens icon .

  3. In Office Lens, click the Camera button Camera icon to take a picture of the whiteboard diagram. Office Lens automatically uses the Whiteboard filter.

  4. Click the More menu (…), click Share this Image, and then choose an email program from the list.

    The image is automatically attached to the email.

  5. Create a brief email message, and then send it.

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Tutorial for Visio 2016

The document is almost done, but we have to meet to create a flowchart for the Packaging Design process.

Right from Word, I set up a meeting in my office to sketch out a rough whiteboard drawing.

Zrinka and I draw the planning schedule details.

When done, I take a picture of it with my iPhone. Since I have OneNote, I click the plus icon, then Photo, Take Picture. There’s a helpful whiteboard filter that makes the picture look a lot clearer.

I click the More menu, then Email Page to send it to Robin so she can create a final Visio diagram based on our drawing.

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